31 December, 2014

Hyundai: Exobaby

Hyundai presents us its latest model called Hyundai Sonata with a very special character, the "Exobaby". A little kid in an exoskeleton suit that has achieved more than 14 million views in a clever and funny commercial that explains the safety features of this new car.

"Exobaby" is a paralelism between the current consumers of Hyundai that thanks to the the technology of his exoskeleton suit he can practically do everything he wants in his normal life. The message of Hyundai is very clear: offering safety and welfare of families.

23 December, 2014

Coca Cola: Share a White Christmas

"Share a White Christmas" is the new Christmas campaign Coca Cola has launched to remember us that these special dates are for sharing. So, what better than creating new friendships by giving and receiving in the name and spirit of Christmas?

The action starts in Finland, Santa Claus's home, when families are playing and celebrating with snow. Suddenly some kids discover a magic machine that allows them to connect with Singapore. The experience goes further and thanks to a camera,  Singaporeans and Finns can see each others and share something very special: snow. In Singapore many children dream about a "white Christmas" so this was the opportunity to make them happy without leaving their country. Definitely a fun and gorgeous performance.

16 December, 2014

EDEKA: "Kassensymphonie"

Edeka, one the largest supermarkets chain on Germany has decided to merry Christmas their consumers in a different and original way. With only 9 cashiers and 13 hidden cameras, they've created an amazing flash mob in one of their groceries that get stunned all their shoppers.

It seemed like a normal day when many users decided to go shopping to one of Edeka's supermarket but nothing too far. Shoppers were waiting to be attended when suddenly the stuff started to scan at the unison beeping the Christmas song "Jingle Bells". A completely surprise for everyone that didn't doubt to join the party clapping and dancing together. With these type of commercials, Edeka has definitely moved away its old image with new fresh airs.

09 December, 2014

Lego: Keep Building

Lego has recently released an empowering commercial focusing on girls and encouraging them to be and think creatively under the claim "Inspire Imagination and Keep Building". A great piece that fights against genre clichés and celebrates the women's power by letting them be what they want to be.

"I want to figure it out on my own" this is how the ad starts, with the testimony of a little girl that doesn't want any help, she can solve any problem if she has to face it. An inspirational video that explains us very clear that "Lego is the choice of creative kids".

27 November, 2014

Old Spice: Dad Song

Hilarious, this is how we can sum up the latest Old Spice spot called "Dad Song". If you remember, some months before the brand launched another commercial with the name "Mom Song" on which mothers were devastated by the independence of their sons. So here comes the opposite video, on which Dads are the main characters of this story that explains us how kids grow and own their lifes.

But it seems that Dad is much happier than Mom about this fact. While mothers appear crying and missing their sons, fathers see it in a positive way and think about the things they can do from now on. With this kind of musical video, Old Spice aims to communicate that they can turn boys into real men prepared for the real life.

17 November, 2014

Sainsbury: Christmas is for Sharing

Sainsbury's supermarket chain has released another breathtaking ad competing with the last we showed you last week. Appealing that "Christmas is for sharing" they've recreated one of the most epic moments on the First Great War World: the 1914 Christmas Truce.

With the help of the Royal British Legion they've brought us back to the 1914 Christmas day, when British and Deutsch took their arms appart and celebrated together a festive date. Starred by a young Bristish soldier, Jim, the story explains us what happened during that day and the surprise this boy gave to one of his enemies: a Sainsbury chocolate bar. An overwhelming tale with gorgeous music and great actors. 

10 November, 2014

John Lewis: Monty The Penguin

John Lewis's Christmas advert is one of the most expected on these dates. This year they've gone one step further and they present us a new character "Monty the Penguin", whom next to a little boy called Sam, starred an emotional and magic campaign.

Sam and Monty are best friends and so they're inseparable. They spend all day long playing and having fun together but suddenly Sam notices that Monty is sad, because he hasn't found "a real love". The kid starts to think and when the Christmas Day arrives he surprises his penguin friend with a special present, a female penguin. Tom Odell is the one in charge of giving this beautiful video a song to remember by covering John Lennon’s Real Love theme. A perfect and touchy storytelling that will definitely make you fall in love. 

03 November, 2014

Tunisie Telecom: Keep Our Beaches Clean

"Keep Our Beaches Clean" was the summer campaign that Tunisie Telecom launched from June to September, whose main goal is to encourage citizens to protect and conserve the coasts and beaches of the country. So, to achieve that the telecom company decided to give something that sunbathers like to use when they are at the beach with their friends or family.

And what is that? Free Wi-Fi. By cleaning the beach and picking up the trash into the brand specific bins, Tunisie Telecom rewarded the swimmers and sunbathers with free Wi-Fi all day long. The success was assured and lots of people enjoyed from this creative proposal. With this eco-friendly campaign, the company wants to be part of Tunisians life and create a better world for income generations.

27 October, 2014

Air New Zealand: The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made

Hilarious, creative and original is the new spot Air New Zealand has recently released. With the special purpose to celebrate the last film of Hobbit Trilogy "The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies", the airline has choosen Elijah Wood, Peter Jackson and Richard Taylor as the main stars to communicate safety precautions in case of any emergency on board.

"The most epic safety video ever made" is the story of two passengers that are Hobbit fans and live an incredible adventure in a recreation of Tolkien universe. Giants, wizards, eagles, elfs and hobbits are in charge that these special passengers have a great journey without missing safety. A viral video that has almost 8 million views in less than a week.

20 October, 2014

Fragile Childhood: The Orphanage

The Fragile Childhood NGO from Finland has recently released an stunning and heartbreaking campaign about the domestic alcohol abuse that children suffer from their parents. The ad is called "The Orphanage" and it tries to explains us how the world could be if children could choose their mom and dad.

The film presents us two kids that enter to an "Adults Orphanage" where different couples stare at them with nice smiles behind transparent glass cases. They go by seeking for the perfect parents until they stop where a couple is fighting and shouting. On the next scene we see how the entire family leaves the orphanage and the words "Children can't choose their parents, what if they could?" appear on the screen. A shocking commercial that talks about the drinking problems many Finnish parents have.

13 October, 2014

Mattel: Pictionary Mall Surprise

How would you react if suddenly when you are shopping in a mall a poster wanted to play with you? This is what has happened in a mall in Toronto, Canada. Mattel Games has launched an interactive campaign that promotes that "any time is a great moment to play" and they've done it with one of their more famous games of all times, Pictionary.

An interactive display was installed in the middle of a Toronto mall starred by a man that asked people to play Pictionary. At the begining no one dared to come by but suddenly a child decided to play and so many people next. The most exciting part was when the ones who guess the name of the picture were given presents and free games by Mattel stuff that appeared by surprise to congratulate them. A very creative action that amuse all the participants and demonstrated once more the power of original and different performances.

06 October, 2014

Dove: Legacy

Legacy is the latest spot from Dove,a testimonial video starred by mothers and daughters talking about the things they like and dislike about their bodies. Another demonstration of what Dove defends and claims as "Real Beauty" to accept us and love us the way we are. 

To show us that Dove chose 5 women and their daughters to write two lists, one about the things they accepted and love from their bodies and one about the opposite. When they finished the moms read their kids's lists and surprisingly they found the same complexes they have. With this original experiment the brand aims to send us a strong and really powerful message "make a difference to the next generation" and love our body.

29 September, 2014

Budweiser: Friends Are Waiting

Budweiser has released a new commercial that reminds us the one they launched for the last Super Bowl Edition. Starred by a man and his dog it tries to encourage us not to drink while driving with a really emotional story. 

"Friends are waiting" is the name of the ad and with a series of images we can see an ideal relationship between a dog and his master in daily situations. Things change when suddenly one day the man goes out for the night and doesn't come home and the dog is loyally waiting. The claim of Budweiser is to enjoy responsably because all your friends will wait unconditionally for you.

22 September, 2014

McDonald’s: Fruit Match

What do you usually do when suddenly there's an ad break? Probably you start to chat with your friends or surfing into the internet with you smartphone. McDonald's Sweden has taken advantatge of this fact and has created an ingenious idea to get entertained the tw viewers by launching an interactive game. 

This game performed by an app promoted the new iced smoothies of the brand and the dynamic was very simple. First the viewers saw and ad that asked them to choose their favourite fruit and guess if it was the one that will appear in the second ad, then automatically appeared on the TV the solution and if you we're right you won a free smoothie. A "fruit match" that were incredibly effective and so original.

16 September, 2014

Castello: Eat the Art

Castello Denmark Cheese wanted to be known in USA so they've created an original action in the Grand Central Station of New York called "Eat the Art". 

To do that they've recreated a pop-up museum in the middle of the station with real and very known paintings from artists like Clara Peeters, Antoine Vollon or Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin that cointan images of cheese. You may think that this is good but not genial, but there is more! You could smell and eat the own paitings with all real varieties of Castello Cheese. A fantastic performance that were visited by mre than 500.000 people.

09 September, 2014

Smart: The Dancing Traffic Light

"What are you for" is the new Smart campaign that aims to explain people the importance of safety on the city. To illustrate that they've created a video titled "The Dancing Traffic Light" that shows us how "good ideas can turn the city into a better place". 

We all know that waiting on the street while the traffic lights change from red to green can be a little bored, so Smart has made an action that will make you entertain and also be safe for some minutes. And you'll wonder, how did they do that? Smart invited people to go to special places where they could dance and then their dance was emulated by the traffic light manikins so the streets where full of fun. Have a look at the video and see how creative ideas can safe lots of lives.

03 September, 2014

Got Milk: Brave

Got Milk has recently launched a new commercial called "Brave" that aims to show parents the importance of choosing healthy products for their children when they are growing. 

So to do that, the brand has created a spot that explains us the story of a fireman that remembers a talk he had with his mom some years ago when he has having a glass of milk. His mother encouraged him to believe in his dreams and to be brave in whatever he does so he believed in being a hero. With this example Got Milk wants to tells us that thanks to milk he fuel a better future. A really emotional video that you will truly like.

BISSELL Symphony: Subway

BISSELL Symphony All in One is the new vacuum from the Canadian brand BISSELL, so what to do to demonstrate its effectiveness being original? This is what Ravi Dalchand, the senior brand manager shows us in this stunning and incredible spot.

Dalchand goes to Toronto subway and starts to clean the platform floor with the vacuum and then he goes on throwing some pasta. What will let you completely stunned is that then he eats the food directly from the floor while people is looking at him as if he was a fool. Dalchand really believes in what he sells and here we have the proof.

02 September, 2014

Canal Play: Being a Vampire

Being a vampire has it's advantages this is what Canal Play tells us in their new campaign starred by John Malkovich to launch and promote the new streaming video service of the brand.

During the video we can see different situations in which Malkovich explains us the many benefits of being a vampire and how Canal Play has helped him to be entertained. We are sure you will love this spot, as you will spend a funny time. Enjoy it!

AXE: #KissForPeace - Simple Harmony

Do you remember the "Make love not war" campaign from AXE? So their new one goes on with this theme and it's called #KissForPeace in collaboration with Peace One Day.

Because "sometimes the smallest acts of kindness can make the biggest difference", AXE has launched 3 different videos in which they show us how we can make a world a better place by loving each other. Love and kisses can be the best weapon to get peace so don't miss one of the videos we show you.

01 September, 2014

General Electrics: Ideas are Scary

The new commercial from General Electrics is really stunning. Performed and starred by a strange but at the same time cute monster, GE shows us the power of ideas. 

Using the creature as a metaphor they explains us how can ideas turn from "scary or ugly" to something really beautiful that can make our world better. An emotional video that will make you think and believe in the strenght and power of your daily ideas.

Sky Broadband: Toy Story That Time Forgot

A year ago Sky Broadband surprised us using Toy Story characters in one of their commercials. So these days they've just launched another video called "Toy Story That Time Forgot" featured by Woody and Buzz Lightyear.

The ad shows us the known characters and some new ones called "Battlesaurs" that are trying to watch their show in a tablet when suddenly they can't continue dued to the bad broadband connection. What you will see is that they don't want to use conventional help and they try imaginative tricks to make the Wi-Fi come back. An hilarious spot that you will definitely love if you followed Toy Story saga.

22 August, 2014

Skol Beats: Creatures of the Night

Have you ever seen people hanging around like bats? If you don't, you must watch the latest commercial of the Skol Beats Beer.

The wanted to position as the beer for the creatures of the night and with this spot they've done it in a very original way. The video shows us where are the creatures of the night before it's time to drink, what they do and how they behave until a bottle of Skol Beats is opened.

Kia: No Bull Pricing

Have you ever feel intimidated by your wife? This is what the new spot of Kia shows us in a very humorous and hilarious way. 

Kia promotes “no bull pricing” for their cars so in the video we see the story of a couple that doesn't know about it. The wife tries to train her man to make him go inside a Kia authorised dealer and get a car with a fair price being decided and fierce. Have a look at the video and have a good laugh.

21 August, 2014

Thai Life: Street Concert

“Street concert” is the latest from the Thai Life Insurance Company that is based in a true story in which a boy tries to play the guitar but he doesn't it quite well and his classmates bully him.

But all isn't negative, he plays the guitar before and after the school to raise money for her mother that suffers from a cancer. When his peers noticed about it they start to help him and finally they achieve their goal. "Because good stories happen everyday".

IKEA: The Time Travel Experiment

The new from IKEA is called "The Time Travel Experiment", an experiment that seeks to present the new IKEA catalog inspiring people to see their home with new eyes by using hypnotism.

What happens in this video is the experience some couples lives when the hypnotist Justin Tranz makes them see their future with IKEA products.  You'll see different situations performed by actors that recreate some future situations. Don't miss it as you will get stunned.

20 August, 2014

Twix: Twix Bites - Walkman

Humor and a bit of nostalgy is what the latest Twix commercials wants to show us with they new launch product: the Twix Bites.

Appealing to the 80's and 90's Twix tries to explain why didn't they launched this new format some years ago. The spot we show you is about the mythical walkman and how it made Twix Bites failed to succeed. Don't miss it!

AXE: Monday

AXE wants to say men that their products are not only for weekends use but for every day of the week, so they have created two commercials with this message and called "Monday" and "Wednesday".

The one we show you is "Monday" and explains us in an humorous way how men live their daily life on Mondays and how do they have to deal with compromises,meetings and situations.

19 August, 2014

Apple: Your Verse

Here is a new commercial of Apple performed by Robbin Williams voice in which he read his monologue from the "Dead Poets Society" film. 

The ad shows us some images that evoke the meaning of life in which Apple aims to demonstrate that their products are part of everyday's people by living extraordinary situations, intense moments that will be always in our mind thanks to the technology. A really inspiring video that will give you goosebumps.

Samsonite: Samsonite VS Chicken

The latest from Samsonite reveals us how easy to use and lightweight are their suitcases with an original video starred by just a suitcase and a chicken.

Both characters are challenged to demonstrate which of them is lighter, so they are placed in a scale and, do you guess what? The suitcase is the winner, so now you can pack everything and go to a holiday with no more weight than necessary. Don't miss the video as it is so comical and smart.

18 August, 2014

Chilsung Cider: Magical Wish Vending Machine

Have you ever imagine to jump just to get a free drink? This is what the soda lime brand Chilsung Cider has done at the station of Yong-San in Korea.

Recorded with a hidden camera, the video shows us some guys trying to get a drink in a machine but they don't get one. They automatically appear on a room in which there are plenty of bottles on the roof, so if they want to get them they have to jump in a trampoline. A really original and viral action that lasted for 7 days.

Salvation Army: Cover Drive

Year after year the NGO Salvation Army collects blankets for homeless and poor people, but this year instead of doing it on winter they've done it in summer, in a cricket event.

People use to bring blankets to sit and watch the matches so the NGO decided to print some blankets with the message "Leave your blanket behind" and distributed by all round the field. The result: in just 4 hours they collected the 10% of the blankets they get in a year.

08 August, 2014

Suzuki: Meant to Be

¿Do you believe in destiny or casuality? That is what Suzuki asks us in its new campaign promoting the Suzuki Swift on which the brand aims to approach to its audience making them feel as they were "meant to be" for the car.

The commercial presents us a  man that takes a walk on the city while in every occasion a Suzuki Swift is on its way but he doesn't see it until the destiny wants to. A clever spot that shows that no matter where you go because you'll finally find a Suzuki Swift waiting for you.

TD Canada Trust: Sometimes You Just Want to Say Thank You

The Canadian Bank TD Canada Trust wanted to thank to all its clients their trust over the time, so it decided to make an original action into its automated machines by creating the "Automated Thanking Machines". 

When the customers went to withdraw money to one of these machines they got a surprise as they received a gift. An automated voice thanked each of the clients and gave them a personalized present to thank its loyalty and trust like a bouquet of flowers, books, checks, clothes... A really good action with whom you will really empathize.

07 August, 2014

Apple: Dreams

"With the power of iPhone 5s, you're more powerful than you think" this is the claim for the new Apple campaign where the brand aims to tell us that the iPhone is a main tool in our daily lives. 

The spot shows us some short vignettes in which different people from different countries and ages use the iPhone for daily things: students, singers, artists, mums and dads, doctors, pilots or even scientists. An emotional commercial performed by Jennifer O'Connor's When I Grow Up song, you'll love it!

Lay's: Mr & Mrs Potatohead

Lay's is always surprising us with new things and here you got something unexpected: Mr Potato and Mrs Potato Head from Toy Story films starring a commercial of potato's snacks.

The spot starts when Mr Potato comes home of work looking for his wife when suddenly he hears a kind of crunching sound. He follows the sound until he finds out that Mrs Potato is eating Lay’s Classic Potato Chips. He is stunned by the fact but he doesn't matter and enjoys eating with her telling her “Our little secret, ok?”. Because all we know Lay's slogan "betcha can't eat just one."

29 July, 2014

Toyota: Do the Watudoki

The new campaign of Toyota aimed to young people is called “Do the Wakudoki”, which in Japanese means something like 'an exciting adrenaline rush and its purpose is to show that basic human feelings are universal.

The spot is performed by some friends that are taking a ride in a Toyota when suddenly they make a stop in the middle of the jungle. What they don't expect is that a Gorilla appears and then all together start to dance a music. "Strange things happen when nature calls in the jungle" tells us Toyota. Don't miss the video as who knows if the song will become as famous as the Gangnam Style.

Hellmann's: Burger Selfies

Who said eating mayonnaise was boring? Here Hellmann's shows us how original can be with a little bit of imagination: creating "Burger Selfies". This is the lastest action from the food brand that will really inspire you.      

A food truck was installed at the middle of a square and when people ordered a burger... Suprise! The waiter took a picture of the client and then created a 3D food selfie with mayonnaise. A really original idea that get everyone stunned. Now you can have your personalized burger in just 2 minutes, isn't it awesome?

28 July, 2014

Normal: Ear Tailor

Do you know that ear tailors now exist? Nikki Kaufman wanted to change the bad fit of current headphones so he has created Normal, the 3D printed headphones maker. So, to spread the concept, he has released this crazy but original spot for you.

The process of Normal is really simple: you use their app, take a photo, send it to them and finally you receive a personalized earphone that perfectly fits on you. The commercial basically explains that but what you don't expect is the way they do it. Don't miss it as you will get shocked.

Tide: Dirty Little Habit

If you want to discover the secret this nun hides don't miss the latest of Tide Washing Machine Cleaner. Tide has created a "dirty little habit" joke in a convent just to explain us how important are washing machine cleaners.

The spot presents us a nun that has been bullied for years because of her smell. She doesn't know why all the other sisters get away from her until one day she finds out that the real problem is not her, is the washing machine. So she starts to clean the clothes with a clean machine thanks to the Tide Washing Machine Cleaner. A funny commercial that using storytelling is definitely original.

25 July, 2014

Kleenex: Camper Van Art

"Kleenex can be used anywhere, anytime", that is what the tissue brand wants to demonstrate with its latest campaign.

So, you'll wonder how do they do? The scenario is a camper van's rear window caked in sand that the illustrator Rob Hunter turns into a gorgeous and stunning piece of art that will let you open-mouthed. Watch the entire video to see the final result.

Radiant: Radiant Return

"Buy it, Wear it, Wash it, Return it", this is the new claim for the latest campaign of Radiant, the australian washing powder brand. Radiant wanted to be no more a conventional detergent so they decided to release a serie of prank videos.

The spot shows us some guys buying clothes in different shops that lately they would use to play paintball or quadbiking. Then they wash them with Radiant and return the items to the stores as if they we're not used. What you'll surprise is that the shop assistants doesn't realise of what happened. Watch the entire video and you'll see what happens.

24 July, 2014

Cancerfonden: Play in the Shade

The Swedish Cancer Society - Cancerfonden has recently developped a campaign to raise awarenesss about the cases of melanoma as they have doubled for the 14 latest years.

So, what have they done? They have created "The world’s first soccer pitch made out of shade", a covered football pitch that allows sunbeams from 11am to 3 pm, when the sun is strongest. With this action Cancerfonden aims to aware society to take care between these hours.

Motorola: Digital Tattoo

If you are tired of unlocking your smartphone with old-fashioned codes or face recognition, Motorola brings you the most innovative way to solve this problem: the digital tattoo.

This digital tattoo will unlock your mobile phone instantly with a flexible "eSkin" electronics technology that has a durability of 5 days and also is waterproof. You can apply it in any part of your body and will cost about 9 dollars each pack of 10. Amazing, isn't it?

23 July, 2014

Kids Company: See the Child

The charity for children Kids Company hast started a campaign that aims to encourage society to act against children abuse, as they don't have a voice or a way to make changes and also the system isn't coping.

The ad features a voice-over by a child who explains us how is her day by day with critical and heavy images that illustrates her situation. A video that really express a strong sense of injustice that expects to achieve more signatures for changing the system.

Buchanan: Mephisto

Under the concept that Buchanan's is a social whiskey, the brand has launched a commercial that honors "the beautiful feeling of giving", being big-hearted with the others because "Giving, it feels great".

The spot tells us the story of a star manager that discovers an old acclaimed illusionist named "Mephisto". In order to bring his   glory back, the manager gives him a show but all doesn't go as planned. An emotional and intriguing video that will end as you wont expect to.

22 July, 2014

Apple: MacBook Air - Stickers

Stickers are the new characters of the latest spot of Apple and they've done it by a short video that only shows us the MacBook Air with different nice stickers that we all know: Home Simpson, Snow White, Hello Kitty or Mickey Mouse plus some glasses, cameras or hats.

An original idea performed by the music of Hudson Mohawke that aims to celebrate the many ways Apple fans love their MacBook Air under the claim "The notebook people love".

KFC: Great American Bites

Here's the new commercial KFC has launched to promote its new Great American Bites menu and the "Real American Flavors" in order to get a better emotional approach and emphasize its American History.

The video explains us the story of two real-life cowboys, a father and a son, in a very special moment: the first rodeo of the boy. During the spot we can appreaciate all the emotions, feelings and sensations of the dad. Finally we see how both share a nice moment eating together a bucket of KFC.

21 July, 2014

Samsung: The Match

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo join an adventure to save the world in the new ad launched by Samsung to present the new Galaxy 11.

The football stars do their best to save the humanity from soccer-playing aliens in an incredible sci-fi video. But they play for more: to get the Galaxy 11 and prove that football is able to save the planet.

Nestea: Confession

The new from Nestea is called "Confession" and it's been launched to promote the new can format of the brand for this summer.

Under the claim "Just keep drinking", the video shows us a couple sitting together when suddenly the girl reveals her love. The boy surprised by the confession needs an out, so he doesn't know what to do but drink all Nestea.

18 July, 2014

Heineken: Cities of the World

Heineken has launched a new campaign with the aim to encourage men to "unlock the secrets of their cities" taking adventures and living new experiences, as life only gives you one shot.

In the spot, called "Cities of the world", appears a man that seeks a set of business cards all around his city in order to find a misterious woman named Eve. What comes next is a serie of adventures, that through tracks, the man discovers all the secrets of his city.

Cadbury: The Joy Generator

"Tell me what Facebook says about you and I'll tell you which Cadbury chocolate fits you better". This is the new campaign launched by Cadbury in Australia that wants to demonstrate that you can know pretty well a person by the things it share on social networks.

This is how they've done it: by creating "The Joy Generator", a vendor machine that connects with Facebook  and allows consumers to discover what flavour and type of chocolate is best matched according to their interests and personality. 

17 July, 2014

Amnesty International: Pens - Liberty Will Never Perish

To thank people for their support Amnesty International has released this original spot with the claim "For 50 years, thousands of signatures, thousands of releases. Your signature is more powerful than you think."

The video, filmed with a 3D animation and made only by pens, show us how "signatures have power" with the story a protester. During 1 minute we can see all the process from his arrest until he has achieved thousands of signatures and that is what Amnesty International aims, to explain us its method of mobilizing people in order to call for peace.

IKEA: Home for Hope

IKEA has recently partnered with the Animal Lovers League Shelter, and the Save Our Street Dogs Shelter to help street dogs to find a new home. 

So what have they done? IKEA has taken photographs of the dogs and has placed them on its stores, as if the pictures were part of its furniture. When shoppers come to buy they can scan the QR codes of the dogs in order to know their stories and help them to be adopted. Until now the proposal's been a great success and lots of dogs have found a new home.

16 July, 2014

Bosch: The Quietest Burglars

What would you do if you realise that someone has come into your house without knowing it? That's what has happened to some families in Belgium that were filmed by a hidden camera for Bosch. 

To show how silent the new Relaxx'x ProSilence vacuum cleaner is, Bosch broke into some houses in the middle of the night to vacuum them while their owners were peacefully sleeping. The day after, Bosch staff went to the same houses in order to interview the families that in fact were really surprised as they didn't heard anything at all.

Old Spice: Robot

Old Spice is surprising us again with a weird but funny campaign with the claim "Experience the freedom of smelling like a real human man at the beach, at parties or wherever your extension cord will allow you to go, with Old Spice".

Starred by an android called The Mandroid, half human and half robot, the video shows us how he's on the beach and suddenly falls into a girl. He inmediately apologises but he smells so good that all women are delighted by him and don't realise he's actually a robot.

15 July, 2014

Gillette: 100 Years of Hair

Gillette is celebrating its 100 years as a brand so appealing “man changes with the times, and we, change with man” it has created a funny and clever campaign to show us that its products “have evolved to meet all male grooming needs”. 

The spot starred by only one man, explain us the evolution of men's facial hair styles over the last century performing different styles of music according to the age. So the viewer gets the impression that even trends change Gillette is always there for you to get a great and high quality shaving.

Expedia: Travel Yourself Interesting - Horse

The aim is to demonstrate the truth that "travel makes you a more interesting person" so the brand challenges them to move away from the computer screen and "travel themselves interesting". 

The video present us Esteban "The Horse Whisperer" who shows us some tricks and acrobatics performed by his amazing horse. But the fact is that now his current audience is more interested on what Pedro, another friend, is showing them: the latest photos from his trip to New York.

14 July, 2014

Hyundai : The Empty Car Convoy

Hyundai is promoting the launch of its new car: the Hyundai Genesis and here is the stunning idea they've released to demonstrate its safety features and the "Smart Caring" the brand aims to promise for customer satisfaction.

Directed by Wade Eastwood and starred by the professional racer Rhys Millen the video show us an amazing race in which six stunt drivers are instructed to take control of the situation with the automatic emergency braking. A short action film that has become viral in less than a week.

Molson Canadian: The Beer Fridge - O Canada

For the 1st of July, the "Canada Day", the Molson Canadian Beer Company released a very creative campaign to celebrate that special day by singing.

The action consisted in placing different fridges all around the country and full of beer, so when someone aproached to one of those fridges and wanted to opened it he had to sing very loud, correctly and entirely the Canadian national anthem, "O Canada". Don't miss how the guys try their best to get some free beer and spend a nice time!

11 July, 2014

Devondale Milk: Cat Lady

Not a recent one but still very witty. We present you the Cat Lady spot that released the australian milk brand Devondale in which appears a charming lady that takes care of her kitties.

The ancient woman seems a little obsessed with her cats so she feeds them with large amounts of milk and then she drinks it too licking it directly from the bottle. Suddenly someone knocks at the door, a neighbour out of milk looking for some more. A wink of intelligent humor that will make you laugh.

IKEA: The Wonderful Everyday (Beds)

IKEA UK has recently launch a new spot for the "The wonderful everyday" campaign appealing at the home space we use the most and where we begin and end the day, the bedroom.

The ad explains us the story of the dream of a woman who goes through the sky jumping from one bed to another until she finds her perfect bed: the one she wakes up every morning.

10 July, 2014

Greenpeace: LEGO, Everything is not Awesome

The last campaign of Greenpeace aims to pressure LEGO to end its partnership with SHELL and stop drilling for oil in the Arctic and so saving it.

The spot, made entirely of LEGO toys, shows us what would happen if the oil spreads all along the Arctic. The Green Corporation calls on LEGO to stop selling from SHELL and not being unethical to avoid destroying the world.

Neutrogena: Junkface

If you don't want to get a "Junkface", please use Neutrogena Men Invigorating Face Wash. This is what Neutrogena tells us in its last campaign: washing your face with the same soap you use to wash your "junk" will lead to "Junkface."

On the spot the brand explains us the cause and the symptoms of "Junkface" with really goofy humour because aproximately 72% of Canadians suffer from this pain and has to be "eradicated".

09 July, 2014

Samsung: #Underwater Selfie

The new of Samsung Switzerland is #Underwater Selfie, a guerrilla stunt that proves the water resistance of the Samsung Galaxy S5.

 The spot shows people chilling out along the Zurich Lake when suddenly a diver appears by their side and gives them the Galaxy S5 to attend a call. Then they jump into the ice-cold water in front of everybody and take a selfie underwater while some hidden cameras are filming the scene. A really viral video that stunts by its creativity.

Chevrolet: The History of the Manchester United Shirt

¿Wanna know the Manchester United's home kit for the coming Premier League season? Don't miss the new spot of Chevrolet, the official sponsor of the team, that with an emotional video refresh us the history of the Football Club. 

The spot is part of the "What Do You #PlayFor" campaign and show us the evolution of the equipment of Manchester United's with some of their football stars such as Denis Law, Sir Bobby Charlton, Clayton Blackmore and Robin van Persie and Juan Mata. During the video all supporters sing their "Glory, Glory, Man United" fight song until they arrive to the stadium, really inspiring and touchy.

08 July, 2014

Old Spice: Reservation

¡The new of Old Spice is here! As it happened with the January spots the main characters still the same, the "hiperactive hairpieces" that with a serie of different ads they show us the adventages of the new products for men. 

In this one a man arrives to a restaurant with his date and tries to get a table but there's no one left so, what happens? The "hiperactive hairpiece" comes to life and runs from its head, takes the pencil, erases a name of the list and ¡voilà! they get a table because "Old Spice, Hair That Gets Results."

Samsung: Wall Huggers

Here comes again the war between Samsung and Apple. With this new ad, Samsung wants to poke fun about the time battery of the Iphones with the tagline: "The next big thing is here".

Calling Iphone users "Wall Huggers", Samsung shows how these users need to sit near walls to charge their smartphone because its battery can't last for the whole day. Meanwhile users of the new Samsung’s Galaxy S5 can enjoy all day long thanks to its ultra power saving mode.          

07 July, 2014

BGH: My Home is an Oven

"The Hotter Your Apartment, The Bigger Discount You Get on BGH Air Conditioners". This is the claim the BGH company has launched with an incredible campaign in Argentina that also has win awards in advertising awards such as Cannes Lions or El Sol. 

 It is known that Buenos Aires houses in summer can turn into an oven so the brand has decided to change that thanks to a microsite based on Google Maps technology that is able to measure the hours the houses are exposed to the sun: that is the more exposure the greater discount on air conditioners.

Dell: Center for Selfie Improvement

Dell pretends to convince us that advanced technology is able for everybody, but how to do that? With an hilarious campaign that trains teenagers to do the best selfies in a school called the Center for Selfie Improvement. 

Discover the story of Julia Hawkins, one of the diagnosed with selfie arm that has become a teacher at the Center and encourages her peers taking high-quality selfies. Don't miss the ad and "Welcome to the Center for Selfie Improvement: Where selfies are a lifestyle".

04 July, 2014

Meetic: Photomaton

People are waiting for you ... Even when you don't expect: this is the claim Meetic has used in France for its new viral campaign. The brand has decided to offer a new experience  for singles: you enter alone in photobooth but 30 seconds later you appear with someone else in the photo.

A great idea that made everyone having a smile for a while. Don’t miss it!

Oreo Mini: Mel's Mini Mini Mart

To introduce Oreo Mini cookies, Oreo explains us the story of Mel’s Mini Mini Mart, a teeny tiny store that’s “by far the most mini mini of any mini before” but nobody ventured into.

So what happens? One day, a family discovered the shop and found what it sold: the cutest little treats ever. They filled up their car with boxes of cookies and the news of Mel's started to spread all around the world, so nowadays everybody knows how much good is it.

03 July, 2014

T-Mobile: Wi-Fi Dogs

T-Mobile is promoting its new service called Travel & Surf, a summer Pass for worry-free surfing abroad.

This hilarious ad shows something very familiar for everybody: the endless search for Wi-Fi on holidays. To end this suffering José has invented the "Wi-Fi Dogs", a start-up that trains dogs to seek for the nearest Wi-Fi source so turists can rent a dog for some hours and enjoy internet for a while. But if you want something easier... you better choose T-Mobile´s Travel & Surf.

Citroën: Daddy

Citroën has released this parenting-humor ad named ‘Daddy’ that has recently won a silver Lion in the Film category at Cannes.

 The video shows a dad trying to have fun in different situations while his kids grab to his body . Finally driving is the one thing he stills finds enjoyable and relaxing with his wild children.

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