22 August, 2014

Skol Beats: Creatures of the Night

Have you ever seen people hanging around like bats? If you don't, you must watch the latest commercial of the Skol Beats Beer.

The wanted to position as the beer for the creatures of the night and with this spot they've done it in a very original way. The video shows us where are the creatures of the night before it's time to drink, what they do and how they behave until a bottle of Skol Beats is opened.

Kia: No Bull Pricing

Have you ever feel intimidated by your wife? This is what the new spot of Kia shows us in a very humorous and hilarious way. 

Kia promotes “no bull pricing” for their cars so in the video we see the story of a couple that doesn't know about it. The wife tries to train her man to make him go inside a Kia authorised dealer and get a car with a fair price being decided and fierce. Have a look at the video and have a good laugh.

21 August, 2014

Thai Life: Street Concert

“Street concert” is the latest from the Thai Life Insurance Company that is based in a true story in which a boy tries to play the guitar but he doesn't it quite well and his classmates bully him.

But all isn't negative, he plays the guitar before and after the school to raise money for her mother that suffers from a cancer. When his peers noticed about it they start to help him and finally they achieve their goal. "Because good stories happen everyday".

IKEA: The Time Travel Experiment

The new from IKEA is called "The Time Travel Experiment", an experiment that seeks to present the new IKEA catalog inspiring people to see their home with new eyes by using hypnotism.

What happens in this video is the experience some couples lives when the hypnotist Justin Tranz makes them see their future with IKEA products.  You'll see different situations performed by actors that recreate some future situations. Don't miss it as you will get stunned.

20 August, 2014

Twix: Twix Bites - Walkman

Humor and a bit of nostalgy is what the latest Twix commercials wants to show us with they new launch product: the Twix Bites.

Appealing to the 80's and 90's Twix tries to explain why didn't they launched this new format some years ago. The spot we show you is about the mythical walkman and how it made Twix Bites failed to succeed. Don't miss it!

AXE: Monday

AXE wants to say men that their products are not only for weekends use but for every day of the week, so they have created two commercials with this message and called "Monday" and "Wednesday".

The one we show you is "Monday" and explains us in an humorous way how men live their daily life on Mondays and how do they have to deal with compromises,meetings and situations.

19 August, 2014

Apple: Your Verse

Here is a new commercial of Apple performed by Robbin Williams voice in which he read his monologue from the "Dead Poets Society" film. 

The ad shows us some images that evoke the meaning of life in which Apple aims to demonstrate that their products are part of everyday's people by living extraordinary situations, intense moments that will be always in our mind thanks to the technology. A really inspiring video that will give you goosebumps.

Samsonite: Samsonite VS Chicken

The latest from Samsonite reveals us how easy to use and lightweight are their suitcases with an original video starred by just a suitcase and a chicken.

Both characters are challenged to demonstrate which of them is lighter, so they are placed in a scale and, do you guess what? The suitcase is the winner, so now you can pack everything and go to a holiday with no more weight than necessary. Don't miss the video as it is so comical and smart.

18 August, 2014

Chilsung Cider: Magical Wish Vending Machine

Have you ever imagine to jump just to get a free drink? This is what the soda lime brand Chilsung Cider has done at the station of Yong-San in Korea.

Recorded with a hidden camera, the video shows us some guys trying to get a drink in a machine but they don't get one. They automatically appear on a room in which there are plenty of bottles on the roof, so if they want to get them they have to jump in a trampoline. A really original and viral action that lasted for 7 days.

Salvation Army: Cover Drive

Year after year the NGO Salvation Army collects blankets for homeless and poor people, but this year instead of doing it on winter they've done it in summer, in a cricket event.

People use to bring blankets to sit and watch the matches so the NGO decided to print some blankets with the message "Leave your blanket behind" and distributed by all round the field. The result: in just 4 hours they collected the 10% of the blankets they get in a year.

08 August, 2014

Suzuki: Meant to Be

¿Do you believe in destiny or casuality? That is what Suzuki asks us in its new campaign promoting the Suzuki Swift on which the brand aims to approach to its audience making them feel as they were "meant to be" for the car.

The commercial presents us a  man that takes a walk on the city while in every occasion a Suzuki Swift is on its way but he doesn't see it until the destiny wants to. A clever spot that shows that no matter where you go because you'll finally find a Suzuki Swift waiting for you.

TD Canada Trust: Sometimes You Just Want to Say Thank You

The Canadian Bank TD Canada Trust wanted to thank to all its clients their trust over the time, so it decided to make an original action into its automated machines by creating the "Automated Thanking Machines". 

When the customers went to withdraw money to one of these machines they got a surprise as they received a gift. An automated voice thanked each of the clients and gave them a personalized present to thank its loyalty and trust like a bouquet of flowers, books, checks, clothes... A really good action with whom you will really empathize.

07 August, 2014

Apple: Dreams

"With the power of iPhone 5s, you're more powerful than you think" this is the claim for the new Apple campaign where the brand aims to tell us that the iPhone is a main tool in our daily lives. 

The spot shows us some short vignettes in which different people from different countries and ages use the iPhone for daily things: students, singers, artists, mums and dads, doctors, pilots or even scientists. An emotional commercial performed by Jennifer O'Connor's When I Grow Up song, you'll love it!

Lay's: Mr & Mrs Potatohead

Lay's is always surprising us with new things and here you got something unexpected: Mr Potato and Mrs Potato Head from Toy Story films starring a commercial of potato's snacks.

The spot starts when Mr Potato comes home of work looking for his wife when suddenly he hears a kind of crunching sound. He follows the sound until he finds out that Mrs Potato is eating Lay’s Classic Potato Chips. He is stunned by the fact but he doesn't matter and enjoys eating with her telling her “Our little secret, ok?”. Because all we know Lay's slogan "betcha can't eat just one."

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