29 September, 2014

Budweiser: Friends Are Waiting

Budweiser has released a new commercial that reminds us the one they launched for the last Super Bowl Edition. Starred by a man and his dog it tries to encourage us not to drink while driving with a really emotional story. 

"Friends are waiting" is the name of the ad and with a series of images we can see an ideal relationship between a dog and his master in daily situations. Things change when suddenly one day the man goes out for the night and doesn't come home and the dog is loyally waiting. The claim of Budweiser is to enjoy responsably because all your friends will wait unconditionally for you.

22 September, 2014

McDonald’s: Fruit Match

What do you usually do when suddenly there's an ad break? Probably you start to chat with your friends or surfing into the internet with you smartphone. McDonald's Sweden has taken advantatge of this fact and has created an ingenious idea to get entertained the tw viewers by launching an interactive game. 

This game performed by an app promoted the new iced smoothies of the brand and the dynamic was very simple. First the viewers saw and ad that asked them to choose their favourite fruit and guess if it was the one that will appear in the second ad, then automatically appeared on the TV the solution and if you we're right you won a free smoothie. A "fruit match" that were incredibly effective and so original.

16 September, 2014

Castello: Eat the Art

Castello Denmark Cheese wanted to be known in USA so they've created an original action in the Grand Central Station of New York called "Eat the Art". 

To do that they've recreated a pop-up museum in the middle of the station with real and very known paintings from artists like Clara Peeters, Antoine Vollon or Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin that cointan images of cheese. You may think that this is good but not genial, but there is more! You could smell and eat the own paitings with all real varieties of Castello Cheese. A fantastic performance that were visited by mre than 500.000 people.

09 September, 2014

Smart: The Dancing Traffic Light

"What are you for" is the new Smart campaign that aims to explain people the importance of safety on the city. To illustrate that they've created a video titled "The Dancing Traffic Light" that shows us how "good ideas can turn the city into a better place". 

We all know that waiting on the street while the traffic lights change from red to green can be a little bored, so Smart has made an action that will make you entertain and also be safe for some minutes. And you'll wonder, how did they do that? Smart invited people to go to special places where they could dance and then their dance was emulated by the traffic light manikins so the streets where full of fun. Have a look at the video and see how creative ideas can safe lots of lives.

03 September, 2014

Got Milk: Brave

Got Milk has recently launched a new commercial called "Brave" that aims to show parents the importance of choosing healthy products for their children when they are growing. 

So to do that, the brand has created a spot that explains us the story of a fireman that remembers a talk he had with his mom some years ago when he has having a glass of milk. His mother encouraged him to believe in his dreams and to be brave in whatever he does so he believed in being a hero. With this example Got Milk wants to tells us that thanks to milk he fuel a better future. A really emotional video that you will truly like.

BISSELL Symphony: Subway

BISSELL Symphony All in One is the new vacuum from the Canadian brand BISSELL, so what to do to demonstrate its effectiveness being original? This is what Ravi Dalchand, the senior brand manager shows us in this stunning and incredible spot.

Dalchand goes to Toronto subway and starts to clean the platform floor with the vacuum and then he goes on throwing some pasta. What will let you completely stunned is that then he eats the food directly from the floor while people is looking at him as if he was a fool. Dalchand really believes in what he sells and here we have the proof.

02 September, 2014

Canal Play: Being a Vampire

Being a vampire has it's advantages this is what Canal Play tells us in their new campaign starred by John Malkovich to launch and promote the new streaming video service of the brand.

During the video we can see different situations in which Malkovich explains us the many benefits of being a vampire and how Canal Play has helped him to be entertained. We are sure you will love this spot, as you will spend a funny time. Enjoy it!

AXE: #KissForPeace - Simple Harmony

Do you remember the "Make love not war" campaign from AXE? So their new one goes on with this theme and it's called #KissForPeace in collaboration with Peace One Day.

Because "sometimes the smallest acts of kindness can make the biggest difference", AXE has launched 3 different videos in which they show us how we can make a world a better place by loving each other. Love and kisses can be the best weapon to get peace so don't miss one of the videos we show you.

01 September, 2014

General Electrics: Ideas are Scary

The new commercial from General Electrics is really stunning. Performed and starred by a strange but at the same time cute monster, GE shows us the power of ideas. 

Using the creature as a metaphor they explains us how can ideas turn from "scary or ugly" to something really beautiful that can make our world better. An emotional video that will make you think and believe in the strenght and power of your daily ideas.

Sky Broadband: Toy Story That Time Forgot

A year ago Sky Broadband surprised us using Toy Story characters in one of their commercials. So these days they've just launched another video called "Toy Story That Time Forgot" featured by Woody and Buzz Lightyear.

The ad shows us the known characters and some new ones called "Battlesaurs" that are trying to watch their show in a tablet when suddenly they can't continue dued to the bad broadband connection. What you will see is that they don't want to use conventional help and they try imaginative tricks to make the Wi-Fi come back. An hilarious spot that you will definitely love if you followed Toy Story saga.

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