27 October, 2014

Air New Zealand: The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made

Hilarious, creative and original is the new spot Air New Zealand has recently released. With the special purpose to celebrate the last film of Hobbit Trilogy "The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies", the airline has choosen Elijah Wood, Peter Jackson and Richard Taylor as the main stars to communicate safety precautions in case of any emergency on board.

"The most epic safety video ever made" is the story of two passengers that are Hobbit fans and live an incredible adventure in a recreation of Tolkien universe. Giants, wizards, eagles, elfs and hobbits are in charge that these special passengers have a great journey without missing safety. A viral video that has almost 8 million views in less than a week.

20 October, 2014

Fragile Childhood: The Orphanage

The Fragile Childhood NGO from Finland has recently released an stunning and heartbreaking campaign about the domestic alcohol abuse that children suffer from their parents. The ad is called "The Orphanage" and it tries to explains us how the world could be if children could choose their mom and dad.

The film presents us two kids that enter to an "Adults Orphanage" where different couples stare at them with nice smiles behind transparent glass cases. They go by seeking for the perfect parents until they stop where a couple is fighting and shouting. On the next scene we see how the entire family leaves the orphanage and the words "Children can't choose their parents, what if they could?" appear on the screen. A shocking commercial that talks about the drinking problems many Finnish parents have.

13 October, 2014

Mattel: Pictionary Mall Surprise

How would you react if suddenly when you are shopping in a mall a poster wanted to play with you? This is what has happened in a mall in Toronto, Canada. Mattel Games has launched an interactive campaign that promotes that "any time is a great moment to play" and they've done it with one of their more famous games of all times, Pictionary.

An interactive display was installed in the middle of a Toronto mall starred by a man that asked people to play Pictionary. At the begining no one dared to come by but suddenly a child decided to play and so many people next. The most exciting part was when the ones who guess the name of the picture were given presents and free games by Mattel stuff that appeared by surprise to congratulate them. A very creative action that amuse all the participants and demonstrated once more the power of original and different performances.

06 October, 2014

Dove: Legacy

Legacy is the latest spot from Dove,a testimonial video starred by mothers and daughters talking about the things they like and dislike about their bodies. Another demonstration of what Dove defends and claims as "Real Beauty" to accept us and love us the way we are. 

To show us that Dove chose 5 women and their daughters to write two lists, one about the things they accepted and love from their bodies and one about the opposite. When they finished the moms read their kids's lists and surprisingly they found the same complexes they have. With this original experiment the brand aims to send us a strong and really powerful message "make a difference to the next generation" and love our body.

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