27 November, 2014

Old Spice: Dad Song

Hilarious, this is how we can sum up the latest Old Spice spot called "Dad Song". If you remember, some months before the brand launched another commercial with the name "Mom Song" on which mothers were devastated by the independence of their sons. So here comes the opposite video, on which Dads are the main characters of this story that explains us how kids grow and own their lifes.

But it seems that Dad is much happier than Mom about this fact. While mothers appear crying and missing their sons, fathers see it in a positive way and think about the things they can do from now on. With this kind of musical video, Old Spice aims to communicate that they can turn boys into real men prepared for the real life.

17 November, 2014

Sainsbury: Christmas is for Sharing

Sainsbury's supermarket chain has released another breathtaking ad competing with the last we showed you last week. Appealing that "Christmas is for sharing" they've recreated one of the most epic moments on the First Great War World: the 1914 Christmas Truce.

With the help of the Royal British Legion they've brought us back to the 1914 Christmas day, when British and Deutsch took their arms appart and celebrated together a festive date. Starred by a young Bristish soldier, Jim, the story explains us what happened during that day and the surprise this boy gave to one of his enemies: a Sainsbury chocolate bar. An overwhelming tale with gorgeous music and great actors. 

10 November, 2014

John Lewis: Monty The Penguin

John Lewis's Christmas advert is one of the most expected on these dates. This year they've gone one step further and they present us a new character "Monty the Penguin", whom next to a little boy called Sam, starred an emotional and magic campaign.

Sam and Monty are best friends and so they're inseparable. They spend all day long playing and having fun together but suddenly Sam notices that Monty is sad, because he hasn't found "a real love". The kid starts to think and when the Christmas Day arrives he surprises his penguin friend with a special present, a female penguin. Tom Odell is the one in charge of giving this beautiful video a song to remember by covering John Lennon’s Real Love theme. A perfect and touchy storytelling that will definitely make you fall in love. 

03 November, 2014

Tunisie Telecom: Keep Our Beaches Clean

"Keep Our Beaches Clean" was the summer campaign that Tunisie Telecom launched from June to September, whose main goal is to encourage citizens to protect and conserve the coasts and beaches of the country. So, to achieve that the telecom company decided to give something that sunbathers like to use when they are at the beach with their friends or family.

And what is that? Free Wi-Fi. By cleaning the beach and picking up the trash into the brand specific bins, Tunisie Telecom rewarded the swimmers and sunbathers with free Wi-Fi all day long. The success was assured and lots of people enjoyed from this creative proposal. With this eco-friendly campaign, the company wants to be part of Tunisians life and create a better world for income generations.

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