31 December, 2014

Hyundai: Exobaby

Hyundai presents us its latest model called Hyundai Sonata with a very special character, the "Exobaby". A little kid in an exoskeleton suit that has achieved more than 14 million views in a clever and funny commercial that explains the safety features of this new car.

"Exobaby" is a paralelism between the current consumers of Hyundai that thanks to the the technology of his exoskeleton suit he can practically do everything he wants in his normal life. The message of Hyundai is very clear: offering safety and welfare of families.

23 December, 2014

Coca Cola: Share a White Christmas

"Share a White Christmas" is the new Christmas campaign Coca Cola has launched to remember us that these special dates are for sharing. So, what better than creating new friendships by giving and receiving in the name and spirit of Christmas?

The action starts in Finland, Santa Claus's home, when families are playing and celebrating with snow. Suddenly some kids discover a magic machine that allows them to connect with Singapore. The experience goes further and thanks to a camera,  Singaporeans and Finns can see each others and share something very special: snow. In Singapore many children dream about a "white Christmas" so this was the opportunity to make them happy without leaving their country. Definitely a fun and gorgeous performance.

16 December, 2014

EDEKA: "Kassensymphonie"

Edeka, one the largest supermarkets chain on Germany has decided to merry Christmas their consumers in a different and original way. With only 9 cashiers and 13 hidden cameras, they've created an amazing flash mob in one of their groceries that get stunned all their shoppers.

It seemed like a normal day when many users decided to go shopping to one of Edeka's supermarket but nothing too far. Shoppers were waiting to be attended when suddenly the stuff started to scan at the unison beeping the Christmas song "Jingle Bells". A completely surprise for everyone that didn't doubt to join the party clapping and dancing together. With these type of commercials, Edeka has definitely moved away its old image with new fresh airs.

09 December, 2014

Lego: Keep Building

Lego has recently released an empowering commercial focusing on girls and encouraging them to be and think creatively under the claim "Inspire Imagination and Keep Building". A great piece that fights against genre clichés and celebrates the women's power by letting them be what they want to be.

"I want to figure it out on my own" this is how the ad starts, with the testimony of a little girl that doesn't want any help, she can solve any problem if she has to face it. An inspirational video that explains us very clear that "Lego is the choice of creative kids".

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