28 December, 2015

Samsung: Rihanna #AntiDiaRy

Samsung has launched a cryptic  microsite www.antidiary.com based on rihanna's life. You can find this site through your laptop but you can only access by your smartphone.  This site simulates several rooms and some of them are blocked until the moment.

Each room is related on some aspect of Rihanna's life. Everyone can access, in fact, no matter if your phone is samsung or not. It is a misterious campaing which can attract their target instantly.

21 December, 2015

Hyundai: A Message to Space

Hyundai pretended to find new possibilities to impact their target and they did it. "A message to space" is a great campaing based on a story about a girl who wants to send a message to her father who is working at the International Space Station.

The brand, used the vast desert floor of the Delamar Dry Lake in Nevada as a canvas and the message was written by 11 Hyundai Genesis. Hyudai brought the possibility to send  messages to your family or friends via SNS. In addition, this message is officially acknowledged as ‘The largest tire track image’ by Guinness World Records®.

14 December, 2015

John Lewis: A Man on the Moon

John Lewis, a british online shop, has launched a commercial on Youtube about a young girl called Lily who is looking at the moon through her family telescope one night, suddenly she is amazed at what she finds, a man on the moon. 

You can not see the end of the story on Youtube, you have to go to its Website to discover it. On that site you can see the video, to contribute with a charity for old people, check information of a mobile game based on this campaing and to see information where telescopes are located in local shops to see the moon in real time.

07 December, 2015

Kit Kat: Meet the Break Machine

'Meet the Break Machine' is the latest street marketing campaign released by Kit Kat. Performed in Paraguay this amazing action searched people who deserved to have a break, so the brand encouraged pedestrians to sit in front of its machine and relax.

Those who actually made it and waited several seconds seated were prizewinners with some chocolates. To do that, the machine had a camara which was recording and counting that people were staying 60 seconds. A really good idea that quickly got a great impact on social media.

30 November, 2015

Pepsi: The Future is Now

Do you still remember the date Marty McFly arrived to the future? It was the 21th of October of 2015 and to remember that, many brands have decided to pay tribute to this special moment. The latest one? Pepsi and its new and limited product 'Pepsi Perfect', the same soft drink McFly tasted in the film. 

6.500 bottles will be available to buy for 20 dollars so, if you're interested, you better hurry. But for those who prefer to live a unique experience Pepsi will deliver free bottles for the ones dressed as Marty during the New York Comic Con. Ready to go back to the past to live the future?

23 November, 2015

Jet Blue: #NYCTakeoff

Would you imagine stealing advertising from the street? And what about if it was the own advertising brand who encouraged you to do that? Well that is what happened in New York streets with Jet Blue Airways.

The airways company decided to surprise its potential users by placing several pieces of advertising on the street with explicit messages like "Literally, take this ad literally". "Take it from us, no, really" or "Only a real New Yorker can pull this off". Hidden cameras were recording every moment and this is what really happened!

16 November, 2015

Spies Rejser: Do It For Mom

In order to fight against the declining birthrate in Denmark, a travel agency of the country has released this original and creative campaign. A 2'30 minutes video that encourages young couples to go on holidays so grandparents, specially grandmas, can have the expected grandson. 

“As you may already know, people have more sex on a sunny vacation,” the voiceover says, so Spies Rejser has the solution: send your son or your daughter and her or his partner to a tropical holiday so they can boost hormones and have relations that can end with a baby. But the target of the campaign aren't couples but their moms, who are the ones who really need to buy this holiday package.

09 November, 2015

Dove: Change One Thing

“Change One Thing” is the latest campaign of Dove which again focuses on the standards of the "Real Beauty". But this time the real stars are the little girls. Some of them want to be blonde, have straight hair or even be taller but what they don't realize is that they are pretty just the way they are. 

Once again Dove promotes changing the way women, in this case, girls, see themselves by giving them advice and increasing their self confidence.

02 November, 2015

Adobe: Do You Know What Your Marketing Is Doing?

Do you know what your marketing Is doing? This is the main question Adobe Marketing Cloud poses to its users. With big doses of humour the company has created this funny commercial that appeals to common situations lived everyday by professionals. 

The sponsors, the stats, the target, the budget... all these matters are sometimes a headache but with Adobe Marketing Cloud your professional life will be easy. Because marketing is much more fun that it seems you just gotta see the ad!

27 October, 2015

H&M: Modern Essentials selected by David Beckham

Ever everyone has wanted to look like David Beckham. This time it has been the turn of the comedian, Kevin Hart. H&M has created this new commercial to launch the new autumn 2015 collection which is called Modern Essentials selected by David Beckham.

The protagonists of this spot shows the new collection through the sense of humor. You can enjoy seeing the trailer or a long spot where David Beckham cannot stand Kevin Hart who is chasing him all day. The goal of Kevin Hart is to play him in a movie.

26 October, 2015

Sphero: BB-8 droid

BB-8, the cute little robot droid that will appear in the latest Star Wars film 'Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens', is already a completely star. That's why Disney, with the collaboration of the toy maker Sphero, has decided to launch the real version of the droid and it's now on sale. 

As you will see on the commercial the droid is simply amazing! Even users will be able to program and customize the actions of the BB-8. Don't wait more and watch the robot in action!

19 October, 2015

KFC: Don't Panic Man

If you think you've seen it all in advertising be prepared for the new campaign launched by KFC in Romania. A very curious promotion that is called “Don’t Panic Man” and whose main objective is to reward people everytime they go to a store because social media platforms are down. 

It's not a secret that people get mad when Facebook or Twitter are down so, what better than going to a KFC to enjoy a good meal with the people you love?

12 October, 2015

Marriott: Virtual Reality Postcards

“VRoom Service”, this is the new product Marriott Hotels have recently launched. A creative and original service that every customer staying at any hotel around the world can use in order to live an incredible virtual experience without leaving the room. 

But, what is it exactly? It is an in-room virtual reality experience that anyone can try by just using an special Samsung headset. On it the users can live the same experiences as the travellers on the video have recorded for them and discover the most amazing places of the planet, from trying a delicious ice cream in Rwanda to climb the Andean Mountains in Chile.

05 October, 2015

Heineken: The Jonah Lomu Machine

Would you imagine finding one of rugby’s biggest legends hidden on a prize machine in the middle of a Dublin pub? That's what Heineken has done on its latest campaign to promote its sponsorship of Rugby World Cup 2015. 

Jonah Lomu is the one in charge to surprise the pub's crowd that spontaneously approaches to the machine and chooses some customised gifts with the rugby's player signature. No one could imagine that minutes after Jonah Lomu itself was in the same pub. A very funny performance that left everybody astonished.

28 September, 2015

IKEA: Recipes for Delicious Kitchens

Do not try this at home. This is how one of the latest ads of IKEA starts and it's really a masterpiece. But what happens on it? All the elements of a kitchen get shrunk and are introduced into a pan all together, from light bulbs that crack as eggs to red cabinets that are converted into meat. 

This original commercial shows us the miniaturized versions of IKEA products just to demonstrate that the METOD range of kitchens can be tailored to the most personal customer preferences.

21 September, 2015

Sony: Fireworks

Sony is the latest company adding drones to create its new commercial. Using the Kygo's hit 'Firestone', this ad shows us the high picture quality of the BRAVIA 4K Ultra HD TVs. To achieve that Sony demonstrates us its power with a combination of different shooting methods and angles that capture the different moments fireworks are played round the city’s streets. 

A fantastic commercial that perfectly communicates the abilities of Sony 4K TVs. Simply magic and amazing.

14 September, 2015

John Lewis: Tiny Dancer

Can be a little girl the star of an insurance commercial? Yes! And the the proof is the new John Lewis campaign starred by a little dancer who moves all around the house while Elton John's Tiny Dancer is on. .

She leaps, plies and twirls around her house with complete devotion. But the problem is that she is too enthusiastic and puts in danger some of the home goods. Maybe their parents should take an eye on her and avoid some possible disaster... But no matter the house is covered by the John Lewis Premium Insurance.

07 September, 2015

Gatorade: Sweat It To Get It

Sweat it to get it, this is what Gatorade wants from its consumers and its slogan on its latest commercial. Starred by the american footballers, Eli and Peyton Manning, the video starts showing us two guys trying to get a Gatorade from the vending machine. The problem is that althought they try to do it several times and even they kick the machine they cannot get the beverage. 

But, why does this happen? Because next to them sitting on two chairs Eli and Peyton Manning, dressed as coaches, are watching them. Watching the situation they have they make the guys do some ridiculous exercises in order to get their drinks. You have to work really hard to deserve a Gatorade!

31 August, 2015

Hailo: The 3 Year Old Taxi Driver

How would you react if entering to a taxi you realize its driver is a 3 year old boy? That is what has happened to so many users who tried to catch a cab in the center of Dublin. But it was just a campaign from Hailo, a taxi app who was celebrating their 3rd anniversary.

A funny performance that made Dubliners become astonished with lots of fun. Will this be the youngest driver in the world? Have a look at the video and enjoy the ride!

24 August, 2015

HP: Jane

In order to rediscover the creativity we usually lose as we grow up, HP has released and emotional commercial starred by a little girl. Along the story the girl shows us her journey into adulthood with all the responsibilities she has to carry as she gets old until she finally gets an HP 3D printer and shares the moment with her daughter. 

A fantastic flashback that reminds us the importance of having creativity in our daily life and how unconsciously we tend to forget about our childhood.

17 August, 2015

Canon: Never Again

Photos, maps, concert tickets, speeches... Nowadays with the technological era we don't use to print anymore. But what a mistake! This hilarious commercial launched by Canon in order to promote their printers makes us realize how important is the simple fact of printing. Cameras, smartphones, tablets... all these gadgets can fail and let us with nothing but regrets.

To avoid some embarrassing moments, what better than using a printer! That is what Canon claims in this serie of funny commercials titled "Never Again" that will definitely make you laugh.

03 August, 2015

Nestlé: Surprisingly Natural

How would you react if you saw naked people in your regular cafeteria? "Surprisingly Natural" is the new Nestlé campaign which aims to promote their latest product, the Natural Bliss Coffee. 

In order to achieve more relevance the brand decided to perform this original experience in which all the staff and clients of a New York cafeteria had their body painted with clothes. Using a hidden camera all the pass by clients's reactions were filmed, from the ones who look around curious to the ones who can't stop laughing. However the the best reaction comes to an old woman who even asks for watching the waiter's butt.

27 July, 2015

Burger King: The Big King

Would you ever like to tattoo your favourite brand? There are some people who would and so Burger King has decided to show us this amazing story. They searched some inconditional McDonald fans that had tattooed its products to challenge to change it for Burger King. 

They accepted and were invited to visit Brasil and the origin of the Big King hamburger. An incredible experience that changed their lifes and without hesitating they agree to change their tattoos. Would you do it? Don't miss the entire story on the video above.

20 July, 2015

Duracell: The Teddy Bear

Duracell wanted to celebrate an emotive 4th of July, so they decided to launch this commercial based on real facts. It tells us the story of a soldier that despite the fact of being far from home finds a creative way to stay closely to his little daughter. 

Using a teddy bear he records his voice so when his daughter push him she can hear his voice. When the package is delivered, the teddy bear and the girl became inseparable and so she has a little piece of his father wherever she goes. A touchy ad that will make your day.

13 July, 2015

Nike: American Woman

Because of the Canada 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup, the seventh World Cup women's football, Nike launched this epic commercial supporting the US team with the world famous "American woman" song.

"Strong alone. Unstoppable together" this is the main slogan for an emotive campaign that remind us about the importance of team work and the effort beyond sports. Starred by Abby Wambach, Alex Morgan, Sydney Leroux, Carli Lloyd, Christen Press and Megan Rapinoe the film shows us their daily journeys from training to match day. Because football is not just a guy thing, let's empower girls.

06 July, 2015

Hot Wheels: True Speed

How to achieve kids stop playing with their mobile? The answer of Hot Wheels has been to create a mobile app that allows children to focus on the real world. 

True Speed is an app that detects the speed of a Hot Wheels car in order to convert it into actual scale using augmented reality; as well as it measures their speed by km/h. Created to be played with more than one user, the app tries to encourage kids to share their abilities and have a great time with their friends.

29 June, 2015

Vodafone: Piggy Sue

To show us that life is better when we are connected to friends, Vodafone New Zealand has released this touchy and animal friendly story. Starred by the piglet "Piggy Sue" and "Keith" the posty, the commercial explains us the coexistence between this two characters and how their first spot changes their lives forever.

Keith finds the piglet alone in the middle of the road and so he decides to bring it with him in order to find out where the animal comes from. After some days living together the real owner calls the posty, but when Keith realizes that the owner of "Piggy Sue" belongs to a farm he inmediately go backwards with its new pet. An endearing tale with a happy ending that will definitely change your mind about bacon.

15 June, 2015

Spotify: First Song

Listening is a gift not everyone can count on, so Spotify has decided to launch this social project on Philippines with the aim to help deaf people. With the colaboration of Starkey Hearing Foundation, both have created a program that encourages this community to listen again.

An emotional video that shows the story of 3 different testimonies who have participated in this treatment. Their reactions when they listen a song for the first time are priceless. Also the streaming company has opened a count where people can give donations to help them to afford restore hearing treatments. 

08 June, 2015

Pizza Hut: The Dangers of Selfie Sticks

If you have taken a selfie picture lately, this video is aimed to you. Pizza Hut has decided to launch this parody campaign named "The Dangers of Selfie Sticks" to warn you about the problems these systems can cause you because of their lenght and the ego they carry to the human being.

An hilarious documentary that has been entirely released on YouTube and whose purpose is to start conversation from viralization. Don't miss the video, as it has achieved more than 2 million views in less than a week. 

01 June, 2015

Pedrigree: First Days Out

First Days Out is a project launched by Pedigree that explains us the story of two ex-convicts who try to recover their lives after leaving prison with the help of two adopted dogs. Joey and Sadie are the main characters of this documentary who encourage their owners to gain again self-esteem and be reintegrated into society.

The commercial was released in Brasil and demonstrates how a dog can impact in a positive way a person’s life. Because advertising can also show credible and exciting stories.

25 May, 2015

Teleflora: Mother's Day

To celebrate "Mother's Day" Teleflora has launched this emotive commercial to pay tribute to all the mothers of the world. That's why they present us the story of Ryan, a navy commander who hasn't had the chance to see his mother in two years.

The ad starts when Ryan's mum receives a hand-delivered gift by a Teleflora worker who invites her to see an special video made by someone really special. Ryan starts to thank her for all the sacrifices she had to do to raise him as a single mother and the powerful and wonderful values she transmitted to him. A touchy story that will make you want to hug your mum.

18 May, 2015

Powerade: Workout Billboards

-Powerade has recently presented the first "Workout Billboards", street billboards that allow people to watch and train with different machines at the same time. Performed in Berlin, the brand has converted some of their pieces of advertising in physical tests for Berliners. 

From a climbing wall to a pulley as gyms Powerade has wanted to do something different by trying to attract people and making them interact with the ads in many different ways. Therefore, people were invited to exercise and test their strength in the same street. A really creative and interesting way to approach the sport to the entire society and show that the beverage is not only for athletes.

11 May, 2015

Fashion Revolution: The 2 Euro T-Shirt

Most of the times we go shopping for clothes we aren't aware of their origin. The reality is that they are usually made in Asian countries where children and women spend more than 12 hours working with unfair salaries. That's why the Fashion Revolution association created an original campaign to raise awareness of that problem. The action was called "The 2 Euro T-Shirt" and consisted on installing a vending machine where shirts were sold for only 2 euros. When someone approached to the machine and introduced the money to buy an item, a video of the person who made it and his conditions were shown. Once the video ended the buyer had two choices: buying the shirt or donate 2 euros to help to fight against this situation.

04 May, 2015

Pandora: The Unique Connection

Will you recognize your mother while you are blindfolded? This is what Pandora show us in a very special experiment. The campaign it's called "The Unique Connection" and its purpose is to demonstrate that every woman is unique.

Moms and sons are the main characters of this special and emotive video that try to recognize each other with only using the touch sense. A commercial that has become viral with over 9 million visits and with a touchy ingredient that will make you fall in love. 

27 April, 2015

Samsung: “Backup Memory”

The Backup Memory is a project created by Samsung last year to help people who suffer from Alzheimer disease. By launching a mobile application the brand encouraged the patients to be more independent and have an easier life with a memory stimulator. Thanks to it they could recognize their family and friends with different notifications.

The app was developped in Tunisia in collaboration with Tunisian Alzheimer Association to battle one of the more common diseases in the world. Watch the video and feel the magic of memories.

20 April, 2015

Dove: Choose Beautiful

What would happen if you tell a woman to choose between considering herself beautiful or average? This is what Dove wants to demonstrate us in its latest campaign #ChooseBeautiful. By setting up a social experiment on Shanghai, San Francisco, London, Sao Paulo and Delhi the brand filmed the reactions of many women that had to choose between these 2 options.

To achieve that they created two main doors on the entrance of different shopping centers, one labeled “Beautiful” and the other “Average”. What happens next reflects how the majority of women around the world view their appearance.

13 April, 2015

Fanta: Printergram

Here is the Fanta’s new campaign, an Out-of-Home performance placed in the streets of Australia. Related to the "selfie" phenomenon the beverage brand decided to create special panels where people could take photos of themselves and then print them at the same time. But to get their printed photo they needed to post it on Instagram with the hashtag #FantaTastesLike. An exciting and original action that got a great response from the passers-by and also from the social media users.

06 April, 2015

Cancer Research UK: Lump

What to do to aware people about cancer? Cancer Research UK has found an effective way to catch our attention to this special and important message with a simple commercial with only images, music and a powerful sentence. All this to communicate that English people are missing the first signs of this illness. 

To achieve it, the charity has chosen a random street in London to demonstrate how citizens tend to ignore things when they're busy by placing a lump in the middle of the pavement. The days passed and nobody noticed that the lump was growing increasingly until a message appears on the screen explaining that "It’s easy to ignore something, especially when we’re busy," "But spotting cancer could save your life".

30 March, 2015

Durex: Connect

Durex has surprised us with its new commercial aimed to couples that spend many hours on their smartphones. The brand offered them a powerful "sexy smartphone technology" that would change their lives definitely.

 But what was it exactly? The couples thought about some special device that would help them to improve their sexual life, but in fact, it was a very simple action. Durex encouraged them to turn off their mobile phones to start living a better experience in their own daily routine.

23 March, 2015

Samsung: Hearing Hands

Muharrem is a turkish boy with auditive problems that lives in Estambul and so he speaks in sign language. To make his life better, Samsung has created an emotive campaign to launch its new video call service, specially designed for deaf people.

Just a hidden camera and a little bit of wit were necessary to perform an incredible experience Muharrem will never forget. It was a current day on the boy's life when suddenly all the people he crossed by spoke to him in sign language. A simple,creative and effective action to promote a new service in a very different way.

16 March, 2015

Ad Council: Love Has No Labels

Love doesn't understand about genre, religion, sexuality, race or age and here there is the proof. Ad Council performed this magical video on Saint Valentines in the city of Santa Monica just to break the unfair judgements that many people suffer everyday. The spot, called "Love has no labels" has revolutioned social media with more than 14 million views in less than 48 hours.

An emotional story starred by the testimonials of several couples that pose behind a x-ray screen on which the crowd only can see funny and happy skeletons dancing together. Then one by one the pairs reveal their true identity, some are homosexual, others from different races or even different religions that aimed the same message: love is the only thing that really matters. 

09 March, 2015

Always: #LikeAGirl

We all now remember the incredible commercial performed by Always from last year titled "Like a Girl". An ad that turned the tide and got more than 56 million visits on YouTube just reclaiming the power of women. Seeing the campaign was a completely success, the P&G brand has recently released another similar video following the same message.

The purpose is to inspire not only women but also men to change their perceptions about the common expression "doing things or acting like a girl". Several examples and testimonials of different girls encourage us to fight for this movement and contribute to improve the  self-esteem of millions of women around the world.

02 March, 2015

Louis Vuitton: Movers

Louis Vuitton presents us "Movers" his approaching to position among skaters. The brand has decided to change his strategy and focus on this specific target with a new product line called "VLine", that consists on a collection of leather accessories specially designed for skaters.

For the launch of the 'Movers' campaign, the French luxury company has choosen different professional skaters as his ambassadors of this new collection. The video we show you is starred by Ryoichi Kurokawa, a creative and multimedia artist that present us his holographic artworks as well as his inspirations. With these kind of commercials we can see that Louis Vuitton goes a step further and diversifies his business areas by bringing luxury to new social groups.

23 February, 2015

Nescafé: "Unlucky Dave"

"Win a Big Start for your friend" is the latest campaign of Nescafé in Britain that consists on sending a friend a happy and funny morning message. It works via website and consumers can easily nominate their friends or family with a simple click.

Once the user is elected the Nescafé staff plans a perfect and "lucky" morning for the friend with different hidden cameras. The video we show you is from Dave, a young guy that starts his day by going to play football with his friends but what he doesn't know is what he expects. 50 pounds on the floor, two female blondes smiling at him... Lots of prizes to encourage him to have a great day. 

16 February, 2015

Carlsberg: Interactive Beer Tap

The latest campaign of Carlsberg in Denmark is simply brilliant and very funny. The objetive was to benefit from the social activity that we can see everyday on the bars. So the brand created a game that motivated customers to take photos of themselves to post them on their social networks with the hashtag #BarBandits. 

But how did this game work? Very easy, Carslberg transformed the beer taps of different bars of Copenhagen and everytime the bartender used them, they acted like lottery machines. Then there was a screen where each time appeared 3 Instagram photos and if the pictures were the same, the user could drink a free Carlsberg. So you can imagine how crowded became the bars and how happy the guests were.

09 February, 2015

Dial Direct: The Notebook

The british car and home insurance Dial Direct has recently launched an emotive advert that expresses its new philosophy based on the claim: "insurance made easy". 

 The video shows us the love of a child to his mother and the efforts he does to help her in her daily routine while he writes it down on a notebook just to save time to her. Doing that, the kid just wants to finish her mother housework so she can attend his stage play. With this commercial the message of Dial Direct is to not waste the time because it's priceless.

02 February, 2015

Dove: Love Your Curls

Only 4 out of 10 girls with curly hair consider their hair is beautiful. That's why Dove has decided to dedicate its new campaign to them to remind us how important is self-acceptance.

So in "Love Your Curls", Dove has interviewed 6 little girls just to see how they feel and act about their hair. The reactions were very similar: they wished to have their hair straight. But what these kids didn't know is that the Brand was preparing a big surprise for them with the help of their family and friends.

26 January, 2015

ASB Classic: The Best Ball Boys in the World

This is the spot the women's tennis tournament ASB Classic in Auckland (New Zealand) has recently launched to promote this special sporting competition in a different and creative. Starred by dogs, the video shows us what dogs do best: picking balls.

So as the title says "The Best Ball Boys in the World" are dogs, and in this commercial they demonstrate it. In a friendly match between two of the greatest tennis players, Svetlana Kuznetsova and Venus Williams, three dogs act like "ball boys" during the game. A funny and viral video that has already more than 2 million views.

19 January, 2015

Thai Life Insurance: Garbage Man

Thai Life Insurance surprises again with another real based story that show us the power of humanity. Once again the advertiser achieves and incredible success starring a singular character: "The Garbage Man".

The video explains us the story of Pornchai, a little boy that when his teacher demands the class to draw a superhero he creates "The Garbage Man". This special character is a regular street cleaner with super powers that helps his mother at work, as she has been runned over and can't barely move. An inspirational commercial that has already 1.6 million visits on YouTube.

12 January, 2015

Kleenex: Share Kleenex Care

Have we forgotten how to care for others? This is what Kleenex wants to demonstrate us, so they have created a social experiment in Canada to see what happens.

With the help of some hidden cameras, an actress and some staff Kleenex delivered two types of tissues to people who walked by the street, one for them and one to give to the others. Then the actress appeared and started to sneeze, a fact that made people share the tissues with her. A beautiful performance that shows us the good willing of society.

08 January, 2015

Coca Cola: Stop Phubbing Around

The latest from Coca Cola aims to pull us away from technology with the claim "Stop Phubbing Around". Nowadays we spent lot of time on our smartphones and we don't pay attention to our friends or relatives and so we miss incredible opportunities and memories. With this new campaign Coke invite us to forget about mobiles and enjoy life.

Every moment we live is unique and unrepeatable and with this magical video we will realize about that. The ad show us different scenes where people enjoy about real moments like a family spending time together, a couple holding their hands or friends doing  their favourite hobbies. You will definitely feel identified!

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