26 January, 2015

ASB Classic: The Best Ball Boys in the World

This is the spot the women's tennis tournament ASB Classic in Auckland (New Zealand) has recently launched to promote this special sporting competition in a different and creative. Starred by dogs, the video shows us what dogs do best: picking balls.

So as the title says "The Best Ball Boys in the World" are dogs, and in this commercial they demonstrate it. In a friendly match between two of the greatest tennis players, Svetlana Kuznetsova and Venus Williams, three dogs act like "ball boys" during the game. A funny and viral video that has already more than 2 million views.

19 January, 2015

Thai Life Insurance: Garbage Man

Thai Life Insurance surprises again with another real based story that show us the power of humanity. Once again the advertiser achieves and incredible success starring a singular character: "The Garbage Man".

The video explains us the story of Pornchai, a little boy that when his teacher demands the class to draw a superhero he creates "The Garbage Man". This special character is a regular street cleaner with super powers that helps his mother at work, as she has been runned over and can't barely move. An inspirational commercial that has already 1.6 million visits on YouTube.

12 January, 2015

Kleenex: Share Kleenex Care

Have we forgotten how to care for others? This is what Kleenex wants to demonstrate us, so they have created a social experiment in Canada to see what happens.

With the help of some hidden cameras, an actress and some staff Kleenex delivered two types of tissues to people who walked by the street, one for them and one to give to the others. Then the actress appeared and started to sneeze, a fact that made people share the tissues with her. A beautiful performance that shows us the good willing of society.

08 January, 2015

Coca Cola: Stop Phubbing Around

The latest from Coca Cola aims to pull us away from technology with the claim "Stop Phubbing Around". Nowadays we spent lot of time on our smartphones and we don't pay attention to our friends or relatives and so we miss incredible opportunities and memories. With this new campaign Coke invite us to forget about mobiles and enjoy life.

Every moment we live is unique and unrepeatable and with this magical video we will realize about that. The ad show us different scenes where people enjoy about real moments like a family spending time together, a couple holding their hands or friends doing  their favourite hobbies. You will definitely feel identified!

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