30 March, 2015

Durex: Connect

Durex has surprised us with its new commercial aimed to couples that spend many hours on their smartphones. The brand offered them a powerful "sexy smartphone technology" that would change their lives definitely.

 But what was it exactly? The couples thought about some special device that would help them to improve their sexual life, but in fact, it was a very simple action. Durex encouraged them to turn off their mobile phones to start living a better experience in their own daily routine.

23 March, 2015

Samsung: Hearing Hands

Muharrem is a turkish boy with auditive problems that lives in Estambul and so he speaks in sign language. To make his life better, Samsung has created an emotive campaign to launch its new video call service, specially designed for deaf people.

Just a hidden camera and a little bit of wit were necessary to perform an incredible experience Muharrem will never forget. It was a current day on the boy's life when suddenly all the people he crossed by spoke to him in sign language. A simple,creative and effective action to promote a new service in a very different way.

16 March, 2015

Ad Council: Love Has No Labels

Love doesn't understand about genre, religion, sexuality, race or age and here there is the proof. Ad Council performed this magical video on Saint Valentines in the city of Santa Monica just to break the unfair judgements that many people suffer everyday. The spot, called "Love has no labels" has revolutioned social media with more than 14 million views in less than 48 hours.

An emotional story starred by the testimonials of several couples that pose behind a x-ray screen on which the crowd only can see funny and happy skeletons dancing together. Then one by one the pairs reveal their true identity, some are homosexual, others from different races or even different religions that aimed the same message: love is the only thing that really matters. 

09 March, 2015

Always: #LikeAGirl

We all now remember the incredible commercial performed by Always from last year titled "Like a Girl". An ad that turned the tide and got more than 56 million visits on YouTube just reclaiming the power of women. Seeing the campaign was a completely success, the P&G brand has recently released another similar video following the same message.

The purpose is to inspire not only women but also men to change their perceptions about the common expression "doing things or acting like a girl". Several examples and testimonials of different girls encourage us to fight for this movement and contribute to improve the  self-esteem of millions of women around the world.

02 March, 2015

Louis Vuitton: Movers

Louis Vuitton presents us "Movers" his approaching to position among skaters. The brand has decided to change his strategy and focus on this specific target with a new product line called "VLine", that consists on a collection of leather accessories specially designed for skaters.

For the launch of the 'Movers' campaign, the French luxury company has choosen different professional skaters as his ambassadors of this new collection. The video we show you is starred by Ryoichi Kurokawa, a creative and multimedia artist that present us his holographic artworks as well as his inspirations. With these kind of commercials we can see that Louis Vuitton goes a step further and diversifies his business areas by bringing luxury to new social groups.

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