27 April, 2015

Samsung: “Backup Memory”

The Backup Memory is a project created by Samsung last year to help people who suffer from Alzheimer disease. By launching a mobile application the brand encouraged the patients to be more independent and have an easier life with a memory stimulator. Thanks to it they could recognize their family and friends with different notifications.

The app was developped in Tunisia in collaboration with Tunisian Alzheimer Association to battle one of the more common diseases in the world. Watch the video and feel the magic of memories.

20 April, 2015

Dove: Choose Beautiful

What would happen if you tell a woman to choose between considering herself beautiful or average? This is what Dove wants to demonstrate us in its latest campaign #ChooseBeautiful. By setting up a social experiment on Shanghai, San Francisco, London, Sao Paulo and Delhi the brand filmed the reactions of many women that had to choose between these 2 options.

To achieve that they created two main doors on the entrance of different shopping centers, one labeled “Beautiful” and the other “Average”. What happens next reflects how the majority of women around the world view their appearance.

13 April, 2015

Fanta: Printergram

Here is the Fanta’s new campaign, an Out-of-Home performance placed in the streets of Australia. Related to the "selfie" phenomenon the beverage brand decided to create special panels where people could take photos of themselves and then print them at the same time. But to get their printed photo they needed to post it on Instagram with the hashtag #FantaTastesLike. An exciting and original action that got a great response from the passers-by and also from the social media users.

06 April, 2015

Cancer Research UK: Lump

What to do to aware people about cancer? Cancer Research UK has found an effective way to catch our attention to this special and important message with a simple commercial with only images, music and a powerful sentence. All this to communicate that English people are missing the first signs of this illness. 

To achieve it, the charity has chosen a random street in London to demonstrate how citizens tend to ignore things when they're busy by placing a lump in the middle of the pavement. The days passed and nobody noticed that the lump was growing increasingly until a message appears on the screen explaining that "It’s easy to ignore something, especially when we’re busy," "But spotting cancer could save your life".

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