31 August, 2015

Hailo: The 3 Year Old Taxi Driver

How would you react if entering to a taxi you realize its driver is a 3 year old boy? That is what has happened to so many users who tried to catch a cab in the center of Dublin. But it was just a campaign from Hailo, a taxi app who was celebrating their 3rd anniversary.

A funny performance that made Dubliners become astonished with lots of fun. Will this be the youngest driver in the world? Have a look at the video and enjoy the ride!

24 August, 2015

HP: Jane

In order to rediscover the creativity we usually lose as we grow up, HP has released and emotional commercial starred by a little girl. Along the story the girl shows us her journey into adulthood with all the responsibilities she has to carry as she gets old until she finally gets an HP 3D printer and shares the moment with her daughter. 

A fantastic flashback that reminds us the importance of having creativity in our daily life and how unconsciously we tend to forget about our childhood.

17 August, 2015

Canon: Never Again

Photos, maps, concert tickets, speeches... Nowadays with the technological era we don't use to print anymore. But what a mistake! This hilarious commercial launched by Canon in order to promote their printers makes us realize how important is the simple fact of printing. Cameras, smartphones, tablets... all these gadgets can fail and let us with nothing but regrets.

To avoid some embarrassing moments, what better than using a printer! That is what Canon claims in this serie of funny commercials titled "Never Again" that will definitely make you laugh.

03 August, 2015

Nestlé: Surprisingly Natural

How would you react if you saw naked people in your regular cafeteria? "Surprisingly Natural" is the new Nestlé campaign which aims to promote their latest product, the Natural Bliss Coffee. 

In order to achieve more relevance the brand decided to perform this original experience in which all the staff and clients of a New York cafeteria had their body painted with clothes. Using a hidden camera all the pass by clients's reactions were filmed, from the ones who look around curious to the ones who can't stop laughing. However the the best reaction comes to an old woman who even asks for watching the waiter's butt.

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