27 October, 2015

H&M: Modern Essentials selected by David Beckham

Ever everyone has wanted to look like David Beckham. This time it has been the turn of the comedian, Kevin Hart. H&M has created this new commercial to launch the new autumn 2015 collection which is called Modern Essentials selected by David Beckham.

The protagonists of this spot shows the new collection through the sense of humor. You can enjoy seeing the trailer or a long spot where David Beckham cannot stand Kevin Hart who is chasing him all day. The goal of Kevin Hart is to play him in a movie.

26 October, 2015

Sphero: BB-8 droid

BB-8, the cute little robot droid that will appear in the latest Star Wars film 'Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens', is already a completely star. That's why Disney, with the collaboration of the toy maker Sphero, has decided to launch the real version of the droid and it's now on sale. 

As you will see on the commercial the droid is simply amazing! Even users will be able to program and customize the actions of the BB-8. Don't wait more and watch the robot in action!

19 October, 2015

KFC: Don't Panic Man

If you think you've seen it all in advertising be prepared for the new campaign launched by KFC in Romania. A very curious promotion that is called “Don’t Panic Man” and whose main objective is to reward people everytime they go to a store because social media platforms are down. 

It's not a secret that people get mad when Facebook or Twitter are down so, what better than going to a KFC to enjoy a good meal with the people you love?

12 October, 2015

Marriott: Virtual Reality Postcards

“VRoom Service”, this is the new product Marriott Hotels have recently launched. A creative and original service that every customer staying at any hotel around the world can use in order to live an incredible virtual experience without leaving the room. 

But, what is it exactly? It is an in-room virtual reality experience that anyone can try by just using an special Samsung headset. On it the users can live the same experiences as the travellers on the video have recorded for them and discover the most amazing places of the planet, from trying a delicious ice cream in Rwanda to climb the Andean Mountains in Chile.

05 October, 2015

Heineken: The Jonah Lomu Machine

Would you imagine finding one of rugby’s biggest legends hidden on a prize machine in the middle of a Dublin pub? That's what Heineken has done on its latest campaign to promote its sponsorship of Rugby World Cup 2015. 

Jonah Lomu is the one in charge to surprise the pub's crowd that spontaneously approaches to the machine and chooses some customised gifts with the rugby's player signature. No one could imagine that minutes after Jonah Lomu itself was in the same pub. A very funny performance that left everybody astonished.

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