30 November, 2015

Pepsi: The Future is Now

Do you still remember the date Marty McFly arrived to the future? It was the 21th of October of 2015 and to remember that, many brands have decided to pay tribute to this special moment. The latest one? Pepsi and its new and limited product 'Pepsi Perfect', the same soft drink McFly tasted in the film. 

6.500 bottles will be available to buy for 20 dollars so, if you're interested, you better hurry. But for those who prefer to live a unique experience Pepsi will deliver free bottles for the ones dressed as Marty during the New York Comic Con. Ready to go back to the past to live the future?

23 November, 2015

Jet Blue: #NYCTakeoff

Would you imagine stealing advertising from the street? And what about if it was the own advertising brand who encouraged you to do that? Well that is what happened in New York streets with Jet Blue Airways.

The airways company decided to surprise its potential users by placing several pieces of advertising on the street with explicit messages like "Literally, take this ad literally". "Take it from us, no, really" or "Only a real New Yorker can pull this off". Hidden cameras were recording every moment and this is what really happened!

16 November, 2015

Spies Rejser: Do It For Mom

In order to fight against the declining birthrate in Denmark, a travel agency of the country has released this original and creative campaign. A 2'30 minutes video that encourages young couples to go on holidays so grandparents, specially grandmas, can have the expected grandson. 

“As you may already know, people have more sex on a sunny vacation,” the voiceover says, so Spies Rejser has the solution: send your son or your daughter and her or his partner to a tropical holiday so they can boost hormones and have relations that can end with a baby. But the target of the campaign aren't couples but their moms, who are the ones who really need to buy this holiday package.

09 November, 2015

Dove: Change One Thing

“Change One Thing” is the latest campaign of Dove which again focuses on the standards of the "Real Beauty". But this time the real stars are the little girls. Some of them want to be blonde, have straight hair or even be taller but what they don't realize is that they are pretty just the way they are. 

Once again Dove promotes changing the way women, in this case, girls, see themselves by giving them advice and increasing their self confidence.

02 November, 2015

Adobe: Do You Know What Your Marketing Is Doing?

Do you know what your marketing Is doing? This is the main question Adobe Marketing Cloud poses to its users. With big doses of humour the company has created this funny commercial that appeals to common situations lived everyday by professionals. 

The sponsors, the stats, the target, the budget... all these matters are sometimes a headache but with Adobe Marketing Cloud your professional life will be easy. Because marketing is much more fun that it seems you just gotta see the ad!

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