29 December, 2016

Pavofrio: Mensaje al futuro

Pavofrío, a sausages products brand, presents a campaign focusing on women who never has loose their confidence since their childhood  retaining the most important heritage: spontaneity, lack of prejudice and authenticity."

The launch of an app complements this campaign where children can record a message which will be received by them in the woman day of 2036.

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22 December, 2016

Dove: #RealBeauty Mannequin Challenge

Taking advantage of a viral trend of social networks adapting the message of the brand to the dynamics of this trend to reach a young audience that is responsible for socializing this content was the objective of the latest Dove ad as part of the campaign "Real Beuty" a campaign that promotes the real beauty of women.

Dove presented his own Mannequin Challenge, a worldwide challenge. In the video we see a serie of women around the mannequins in a store with the message that mannequins should look more like real women.

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14 December, 2016

IKEA: Soft Toys for Education

Convert the children imagination in a reality around a good cause was the key to make a successful Branded Content campaign . 

As part of the "Soft Toys for Education" Campaign, IKEA Foundation in collaboration with Save the Children and UNICEF asked children around the world for send a drawing of the character of their dreams. 

They obtained hundreds of responses and they had a hard work picking the winners out, being a difficult decision. Of all the drawings which were chosen, ten of them were turned into actual stuffed animals which were sold in IKEA stores. For every soft toy sold, IKEA donated $1 to the cause. 

That was how they got to connect in a very special way with those kids and raise funds to help children in poverty to receive a good education and a properous future.

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07 December, 2016

Disneyland París: Unforgettable Stories

The main goal of Disneyland Paris in this emotional case of Branded Content was to create unforgettable stories, in fact, this is a great example of how to reach all audiences to create a great experience to preserve as a brand in their minds.

A family with hearing problems show us the most important moments in their visit to the park in which the most popular characters such as Tinkerbell or Minnie are part of their funny moments and proving that to live magical moments there is no limitations.

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01 December, 2016


The challenge for Toyota was to draw attention of a public that does not apart the attenion from of their smartphones. That's why there's nothing better to plan a campaign in the social network where Millennials and Generation Z spend most of the time, WhatsApp. 

With a call to action of "Flirt with AYGO" the total messages through this campaign generated more than 9,000 community - created content and increasing the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #LigateUnAYGO and the share of voice of Toyota Aygo model.

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17 November, 2016

Nescafé 3en1: #VoyConTodo

The main challenge for any brand is to reach the top of mind of their target through a good communication strategy showing their products or services more attractive to its target, turning all that effort into a conversation with them on the Social Media.

When it comes to Millennial Generation and Generation Z there's no better way to achieve this than including two of the most popular Youtubers in Spain combined with a whole brand experience being a real guarantee of success for a Company like Nescafe 3in1, introducing its campaign called #VoyConTodo.

In order to reflect the life's philosophy of these young people who are really brave facing all the current social and economic problems, Nescafe chose the influencers Antón Lofer and Dante Caro to visit the 7 wonders of the world in 10 days sharing every moment of this adventure with more than 400,000 followers through their social networks.

Mexico, Rome, Brazil, China, Peru, Jordan and India were the countries visited and shared with Anton's and Dante's communities through their social networks profiles: Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat and Nescafé Twitter channel @Nescafé_ES.

This adventure was followed by more than 1,250,000 people through different social networks, obtaining as a result, a better market positioning as a Brand.

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09 November, 2016

Netflix: Netflixswap

Netflix, the streaming entertainment platform gives us a great example of how to reach the younger generations. That's why to celebrate the open season of its most popular series, launched a campaign using one of the most popular social networks between Millennials and Generation Z.

It is a communication strategy based on Snapchat and its famous facial recognition filter "Face Swap" made in France that through advertisements with the protagonists of their favorite series as House of Cards, Narcos or Unbreakeable Kimmy Schmidt, located in streets, invite their audience to apply this filter and show their followers their new image.

The campaign has caught the attention of fans of this series including influencers and bloggers who have already shared their experience in this social network as well as the thousands of people who have taken photographs where these ads can be found.

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03 November, 2016

Moet & Chandon: Success is a matter of style.

For brands with a high level of engagement by previous generations along years as Moet & Chandon the importance of renewing their communication and bring its message to a younger audience has become the priority of its diffusion.

That's why as part of an integrated marketing strategy presents his campaign "Success is a Matter of Style" where the main objective was to refresh the brand and direct it toward a new target, the Millennials, making the brand relevant to them. Online and Offline actions became the brand in a social conversation between this generation.

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27 October, 2016

Sojasun: La Prueba

Finding a weakness and turn it into a strength is important part of a strategy to make a brand experience memorable. To preserve the message on the consumer's top of mind and turning it into a great memory, brands used to look for an adverse situation for the target audience to demostrate them that the product or service improves that situation notably.

Sojasun, a brand specialized in vegetal food with soy, adopted this strategy in its campaign called "La Prueba", doing a peculiar experiment with its target audience who is difficult to reach when it comes to this kind of food, transforming their bad experience into a positive one and showing them that there are many ways to eat vegetals in an appealing way.

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19 October, 2016

Magnum: Lovely Pepa Magnum Moments

The "egobloggers" or "Fashion Bloggers" are a guarantee of influence among its large communities of followers, mostly a young audience that is aware of what they wear or promoted to take it as a reference in their next purchase decision.

Such is the case of "Lovely Pepa", a spanish influencer who participated with Nestle Magnum  as brand ambassador. This time with Magnum Moments mix its well-known taste for fashion and style to make the product an object of desire.

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13 October, 2016

BETC: Like My Adiction

The youngest generations spend their time posting on social Networks moments of their lifes. That's why BETC, a French Marketing agency, to communicate their message and reach young audiences in a viral way, introduced Like my addiction focusing on the content and habits that users who use Instagram. With this campaign, they achieved  to reach nearly 50,000 users, in two months.

At first glance, the profile of Louise Delage is very normal, in fact, the rest of this generation like it. Louise shares on Instagram photos on restaurants, parties and beaches. But if we look in detail at each of these images an alcoholic beverage appears reflecting the problem that the agency wants to communicate and demonstrates how difficult it is to realize about this kind of real problems.

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05 October, 2016

Snickers: “Hungerithm”

Social media channels have become the best tool for young people to express their emotion of anger about things which happen in real life. It is so common to read their angry messages within these social networks making all kind of comments about something they do not like and promoting the "word of mouth" on the effectiveness of the brand or product.

Snickers took this advantage of this habit and within its campaign "is not you when you're hungry" develops "Hungerithm" encouraging this audience to express their anger, measuring this feeling via online with the objective to decrease de cost of the product in base on the level of anger.ç

The results of this Branded Content were really good because the brands got to rise the number of followers, connecting with them through Social Media Networks.

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28 September, 2016

Huawei: Honor8 for Brooklyn Beckham

Millennials and Generation Z are breaking the rules of the current world, in fact, their objectives are individuality, creativity and the search for an own path.

Huawei has taken into account this, presenting “Honor8 for Brooklyn Beckham" which reflects the thoughts and attitude of these generations complementing the message with a representative digital native, known internationally and followed on social networks over 8.2 million of users.

With this campaign, the brand gets to socialize their diffusion and adds value to this launching of its new mobile device ensuring its top of mind on this target.

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21 September, 2016

Lockheed Martin: The Field Trip To Mars

As a Brand, you should generate unforgettable experiences  to the target audience nurturing your communication strategy, A difficult task when the audience is the Generation Z, which lives in a in a technological world full of innovation, impress them is much more complicated.

To reach this goal, the agency Lockheed Martin, converted a simple bus on an incredible journey to visit Mars achieving the wonder of the kids, inspiring them and arousing their interest at the same time.

The surprising factor and a good use of virtual reality adapted to the windows of the bus,  were the perfect recipe to create an unforgettable memory to the target as a result, becoming one of the most popular campaigns this year.

15 September, 2016

L’Oréal Paris: True Match Foundation

If your marketing goals include to catch the attention of younger generations it is crucial in the marketing plans, integrate actions with valuable content in brand messages to make it them effective ones.

Bloggers and influencers with different nationalities and skin tones to promote and recognize the beauty in racial diversity, this was the strategy used by L'oreal in its campaign for the launch and promotion of True Match Super Blendable Foundation.

If you like this kind of campaigns don't forget to suscribe to our You Tube channel to show you how brands are talking to the Millennials an Generation Z.

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07 September, 2016

KENZO: Kenzo World

The french brand Kenzo, has impressed both targets, adults and young people with this new campaign, being a viral content on social networks.

The keys were a match between the "Millennial Feeling" surrounded by older people and a rebel reaction by the protagonist which is also one of the representatives actress of this young generations.

If you like this kind of campaigns don't forget to suscribe to our You Tube channel to show you how brands are talking to the Millennials an Generation Z.

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01 September, 2016

Ron Brugal: "It isn't normal, it's Brugal"

Brugal has carried out a campaign called "It isn't normal, it's Brugal"  in co-branding with two popular brands of urban style. Ron Brugal is aimed at the younger generation by presenting their summer pack with a new line of fashion clothes and accessories.

With this action Ron Brugal gives to their brand communication searching a twist to reach Millennials and Generation Z with the intention to show its heritage and tradition to this young target.

25 August, 2016

Pepsi: PepsiMojis

An emoji worths more than a thousand words and that's why Pepsi shows us its campaign PepsiMojis using these popular emoticons, which are the favorite ones for the youngest generations to communicate their feelings.

Using the spanish hashtag #deciloconpepsi, this campaign combines the trend of mixing digital actions with offline ones through their products with the aim of creating a new form of communication and generate brand engagement with the consumers.

17 August, 2016

Fanta: Rífatela Como Pro

There isn't better way to engage with our audience than creating brand experiences, especially if we want to capture those who are part of the technological generations, Millennials and Generation Z

Fanta took into account the importance of the brand experience and decided to launch a campaign during Halloween celebration to build a relationship with those teenagers in Mexico through the spanish concept: "Rífatela como Pro"

Using online and offline actions, references to memes, integration with Facebook, chats on social networks like twitter and Snapchat, influencers as ambassadors and an integration with mobile, display and traditional media, Fanta reached  a good position on the top of mind of the teens during the celebration.

10 August, 2016

Schweppes: Millennials

Schweppes, a tonic drinks brand, knows the importance of Millennial Generation, thats why the focus in this campaign was talking to them about about how an older audience lived before this technology era, becomming the perfect way to communicate their audience as always but also capturing the attention of this generation.

This campaign is characterized by humor and shows the differences between this generation and the older one and how new technologies have affected the world. Baby Boomers tell them how technologies have improved their lifes and the difficulties they had because of the absence of it.

Mercedes Benz: Build Your Own Mercedes Benz GLA

Currently, the evolution of the purchase habits has forced to the companies to develope new ways to attract new audiences. The closer they are to the trends of this young audiences, the most succesful campaign they could have. Concerned about approaching these audiences and provide an interactive experience that captures their attention, car brand Mercedes Benz launched its "Mercedes-Benz's GLA Car Builder" campaign, where they show how the favorite social network of youngers can become in a catalog to personalize their latest model.

With more than 25,000 followers in Instagram account and an increase in traffic to their website as well as interest in the brand, Mercedes Benz shows that approach these new consumers with creative use of networks can generate great results.

11 July, 2016

Refugees Welcome: Search Racism, Find Truth

To combat for the refugees rejection that are living in Germany , "Refugees Welcome" a refugee organization has reacted with a campaign against hate and prejudice using these potencial tools , YouTube and Google Adwords.

This campaign is characterized by a clever use of preroll ads on youtube and a locate search in google adwords based on unskippable ads where you can find real and valuable stories about people who tells its story as a refugee. This campaign had also a microsite where you could follow all those stories.

07 July, 2016

HBO: Game of Thrones Season 3

Game of Thrones, one of the most acclaimed HBO series at the moment, to advertise the third season, several Branded Content actions were launching to reach its loyal fans. This campaign  was amazing because the used all the main elements of the serie.

The way to reach the target was using influencers and deployment platforms such as contests, interacting with users on social networks and an exclusive site made for customize the elements of the serie, being one of the most shared campaigns in the history of this series producer.

28 June, 2016

Movistar: More Than Fans

With the increasingly effective strategy of investing communication efforts on users in order to turn them into ambassadors of a brand, Movistar launched a challenge to the music industry through "More Than Fans"

This campaign consisted of a competition to share the copyright of a songs through the users interactions with their social community across share and amplify the content. With great reach and participation and millions of impressions achieved Movistar became the first brand to pay royalties to the fans.

20 June, 2016

Toyota: My Bold Dad

Technology has transformed consumers expectations so to be able to reach them will have to develop stories that connect with their emotions. The way to  advertise has to be full of significant and with fresh and relevant content across the digital platforms.

To achieve this, Toyota presented their  branded content campaign named Bold Dad. This work offered to their audience exclusive content about the experience with the brand through YouTube video platform and the participation of two famous influencers within this network.

13 June, 2016

Worten: Friendly Cookies

Holidays are a time of the year very important for Worten because the increasingly common trend to give technology to our loved ones. Thats why last Christmas they were responsible for filling the internet with your best wishes.

Friendly Cookies, a online branded content campaign that make a twist to invasive retargeting technology, making it a useful tool for the users with which be able to receive the desired Christmas gift avoiding colonies, scarves and ties.

31 May, 2016

Media Markt: Rabbit Race

The goal was to communicate a 5% discount promotion in a content-driven and entertaining live marketing event. The event served to draw attention, encourage customers to watch the live race, root for their favorite bunny and take part by shopping at Media Markt, the biggest entertainment electronics retailer in Germany.

The campaign consist in a live sports event, where 10 bunnies were competing in a race. Customers, who shopped at Media Markt, prior to the three broadcasted races could win back 50% of their money, if the bunny's racing number matched the number on their receipt.

17 May, 2016

Then. Now. Always. Volkswagen.

We all want a life partner, a fellow traveler, but not always is easy to find. The one who will walk with you by your side no matter what, in all your stages of life.

But yes, it does exist. Here you have your new mate, your new life partner, who will be with you through everything, and will assist you in the most important moments then, now and always.

11 May, 2016


AXE with this campaign want express that it's not all about having an amazing hairstyle, there is much more behind it, and this is what we see in this video.

A skilled guy, who can refold any map with finesse and no sticky fingers. Because we are all good at something, incredible amazing, it's all about finding your magic, because we all have it.

03 May, 2016

Thank You, Mom: Rio 2016 Olympic Games

This summer, we are celebrating once again the world's athletes at the 2016 Olympic Games, in Rio. People who reached this point of participating in it had to do a long way.

So we can not forget the person who gave us strength and inspired along the way: Mom. Procter & Gamble and the Olympic Games have created a campaign to say Thank you to all the Moms who inspire us every day. 


25 April, 2016

Kleenex: A Caring Chorus

We all have that special teacher who taught us the most incredible things about life, and we will always remember him/her. They guide us trough the best way and shows us more than simply classes, experiences and feelings.

A group of students decided to took some time to recognise the hard work their chorus teachers do for them, to be better everyday and reach the success.

18 April, 2016

MoneySuperMarket #EPICDANCEOFF

Dave, Colin and Gary all saved money with MoneySuperMarket so now they feel EPIC! If you watch their #EPICDANCEOFF as their savings get competitive. 

MoneySuperMarket favourite savers perform their most EPIC moves in a dance. Dave, Colin and Gary go head to head in a car park clash their signature moves to challenge each other. 

Who do you think is the winner? Tell them here: http://goo.gl/NPP7MO

12 April, 2016

Finish: Powerball vs Heartbreak

Finish has created a campaign where they want to explore the link between two of life's constant: the ageing and the heartbreak, and dishes.

In this video, heartbreak and ageing are seen through the lens of the dirty dishes as a result of your depression when you've been heartbroken, eating lots of food and being a little neglected. But finish can deal with everything, it's the salvation.

04 April, 2016

The evolution of Barbie

The world of Barbie is evolving, it doesn't matter what shape you are in, if you are tall or short, if you have long or short hair. The important thing in here is to show little girls that beauty has not a particular shape and that anything is possible.

These girls feel more comfortable with themselves and find something in common with these Barbies: a REAL identity. This is how the future looks like because this is how the world looks like.

28 March, 2016

Flipboard: #WhatIs

Flipboard is a fantastic new app. It's great, you just have to click and then you'll find everything you want. Flipboard is a personified magazine. You can choose what news you like the most and then they will appear to you everyday.

Fashion, cooking, politics, economy and even beautiful kittens... You can choose any type of information . And remember... All this is so easy, you can do it by your smartphone!

23 March, 2016

Schweid & Sons: Make burgers great again

Nowadays people are very influenced by the cruel society. We are all exposed to the critics of everyone and to follow what’s good and what’s wrong. We are inhibited by the sterothypes, why if we want to add anything we want in a burger we are called fat or people look at you in an insulting way?

People need exactly to do what they want to do. These borders need to be broken and everyone must put in their burger whatever they want. More bacon, cheese, double burger, and so on. As one of the testimony say: We are Unstopable and we have to prove this.


21 March, 2016

Dove: #RealBeauty

Nowadays we are very affected by the society stherotypes, in a negative way. We have got strict role models of how we should be, and that’s why we don’t love our bodies. Beauty is more than this. And that’s how Dove shows us.

How others see us? Let them describe us. All women exposed to that experiment described themselves more ugly than their are. We are more beautiful than we think.

14 March, 2016

Amazon: #DogInCast

In this video we can see a puppy carrying a bandaged leg. The poor dog can not walk properly, he feels pain at every turn. The dog feels pain in the leg when he walks, climb stairs, when he wants to run, even when he wants to sit .

The dog's master looks at him sadly because he doesn't know what to do. But then he reminds that he have the Amazon application that , from the phone, has a lot of variety of products available, and they brig them to you in a few days to your door! So the boy decides buying a backpack for dogs, and so both can enjoy their ride.

Because thanks to Amazon everything is at our reach!

07 March, 2016

Coca Cola: Social Media Guard

Yes! social media affect us in our daily lives. It is sad but nowadays, people don't look at the eyes of others, and they don't  look up to the sunny sky at sunset .

Coca Cola, with this viral campaign, has manifested encouraging everyone who sees the announcement to change, to separate a little more from the mobile and to start living real life.

29 February, 2016

Volkswagen: Trailer Assist Campaign

This commercial is probably the best product demonstration you’ll see for a while. And if you haven’t seen it  through your Facebook feed, we show it to you. Volkswagen has turned a trailer into a car, and attaching a car to the trailer, backwards, with seemingly the world’s best reverse driver and of course, the world’s best Trailer Assist feature from Volkswagen.

This is a great demostration to engage with cars lovers and to show the main competitive advantage of the product addapting this commercial to Social Media.

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