29 February, 2016

Volkswagen: Trailer Assist Campaign

This commercial is probably the best product demonstration you’ll see for a while. And if you haven’t seen it  through your Facebook feed, we show it to you. Volkswagen has turned a trailer into a car, and attaching a car to the trailer, backwards, with seemingly the world’s best reverse driver and of course, the world’s best Trailer Assist feature from Volkswagen.

This is a great demostration to engage with cars lovers and to show the main competitive advantage of the product addapting this commercial to Social Media.

22 February, 2016

Amazon App: Yoga

Amazon to promote its App, has launched some video based on this claim "Thought it. Bought it", this means, if you see something that reminds you that you should have to buy, now, it is easy with this new App. 

These videos tell you in a funny way the competitive advantage of this App and it is a good way to attract consumers to try it.

15 February, 2016

Samsung: Let's Go To Work

Le Bron James shows us that working is something that absolutely everybody do. There are many different kind of jobs but all of them have something in common... And it is that we all give ourselves to it everyday. With this new announcement, Samsung is shown with energy and power, and motivates us to continue working accompanied by the incredible new Samsung Gear VR

This product was created by Oculus Studios. They've achieved all who try the Samsung Gear VR can feel on a different place for about 12 minutes. There is also an app that connect it with the mobile phone. And everything together makes this product unique.

So Let's Go To Work!

08 February, 2016

Cillit Bang: The Mechanic

What? Do I have to clean up all this stuff? Please let me use Cillit Bang.

This brand impress us again with its new campaign showing a young man who uses his talent in dancing to clean up a place that seemed to be impossible to wash.

So, Cillit Bang maintains its promise : Nothing is impossible!

01 February, 2016

Center Parcs: Bears

From childhood we have all dreamed of a bright future, accompanied by a loving family, living together in a warm home and also with a great job.

Unfortunately, for many of us, the routine has been the main cause of our sadness. Children grow , the wife does not care for us and life is reduced to work. All our everyday gets a gray color.

That's why disconnecting from the routine makes us appreciate more what we have. Center Parcs advise us to take a break, and shows everyone that the sun is out there, we just have to look at the sunlight with our family and enjoy it together.

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