28 March, 2016

Flipboard: #WhatIs

Flipboard is a fantastic new app. It's great, you just have to click and then you'll find everything you want. Flipboard is a personified magazine. You can choose what news you like the most and then they will appear to you everyday.

Fashion, cooking, politics, economy and even beautiful kittens... You can choose any type of information . And remember... All this is so easy, you can do it by your smartphone!

23 March, 2016

Schweid & Sons: Make burgers great again

Nowadays people are very influenced by the cruel society. We are all exposed to the critics of everyone and to follow what’s good and what’s wrong. We are inhibited by the sterothypes, why if we want to add anything we want in a burger we are called fat or people look at you in an insulting way?

People need exactly to do what they want to do. These borders need to be broken and everyone must put in their burger whatever they want. More bacon, cheese, double burger, and so on. As one of the testimony say: We are Unstopable and we have to prove this.


21 March, 2016

Dove: #RealBeauty

Nowadays we are very affected by the society stherotypes, in a negative way. We have got strict role models of how we should be, and that’s why we don’t love our bodies. Beauty is more than this. And that’s how Dove shows us.

How others see us? Let them describe us. All women exposed to that experiment described themselves more ugly than their are. We are more beautiful than we think.

14 March, 2016

Amazon: #DogInCast

In this video we can see a puppy carrying a bandaged leg. The poor dog can not walk properly, he feels pain at every turn. The dog feels pain in the leg when he walks, climb stairs, when he wants to run, even when he wants to sit .

The dog's master looks at him sadly because he doesn't know what to do. But then he reminds that he have the Amazon application that , from the phone, has a lot of variety of products available, and they brig them to you in a few days to your door! So the boy decides buying a backpack for dogs, and so both can enjoy their ride.

Because thanks to Amazon everything is at our reach!

07 March, 2016

Coca Cola: Social Media Guard

Yes! social media affect us in our daily lives. It is sad but nowadays, people don't look at the eyes of others, and they don't  look up to the sunny sky at sunset .

Coca Cola, with this viral campaign, has manifested encouraging everyone who sees the announcement to change, to separate a little more from the mobile and to start living real life.

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