31 May, 2016

Media Markt: Rabbit Race

The goal was to communicate a 5% discount promotion in a content-driven and entertaining live marketing event. The event served to draw attention, encourage customers to watch the live race, root for their favorite bunny and take part by shopping at Media Markt, the biggest entertainment electronics retailer in Germany.

The campaign consist in a live sports event, where 10 bunnies were competing in a race. Customers, who shopped at Media Markt, prior to the three broadcasted races could win back 50% of their money, if the bunny's racing number matched the number on their receipt.

17 May, 2016

Then. Now. Always. Volkswagen.

We all want a life partner, a fellow traveler, but not always is easy to find. The one who will walk with you by your side no matter what, in all your stages of life.

But yes, it does exist. Here you have your new mate, your new life partner, who will be with you through everything, and will assist you in the most important moments then, now and always.

11 May, 2016


AXE with this campaign want express that it's not all about having an amazing hairstyle, there is much more behind it, and this is what we see in this video.

A skilled guy, who can refold any map with finesse and no sticky fingers. Because we are all good at something, incredible amazing, it's all about finding your magic, because we all have it.

03 May, 2016

Thank You, Mom: Rio 2016 Olympic Games

This summer, we are celebrating once again the world's athletes at the 2016 Olympic Games, in Rio. People who reached this point of participating in it had to do a long way.

So we can not forget the person who gave us strength and inspired along the way: Mom. Procter & Gamble and the Olympic Games have created a campaign to say Thank you to all the Moms who inspire us every day. 


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