28 June, 2016

Movistar: More Than Fans

With the increasingly effective strategy of investing communication efforts on users in order to turn them into ambassadors of a brand, Movistar launched a challenge to the music industry through "More Than Fans"

This campaign consisted of a competition to share the copyright of a songs through the users interactions with their social community across share and amplify the content. With great reach and participation and millions of impressions achieved Movistar became the first brand to pay royalties to the fans.

20 June, 2016

Toyota: My Bold Dad

Technology has transformed consumers expectations so to be able to reach them will have to develop stories that connect with their emotions. The way to  advertise has to be full of significant and with fresh and relevant content across the digital platforms.

To achieve this, Toyota presented their  branded content campaign named Bold Dad. This work offered to their audience exclusive content about the experience with the brand through YouTube video platform and the participation of two famous influencers within this network.

13 June, 2016

Worten: Friendly Cookies

Holidays are a time of the year very important for Worten because the increasingly common trend to give technology to our loved ones. Thats why last Christmas they were responsible for filling the internet with your best wishes.

Friendly Cookies, a online branded content campaign that make a twist to invasive retargeting technology, making it a useful tool for the users with which be able to receive the desired Christmas gift avoiding colonies, scarves and ties.

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