11 July, 2016

Refugees Welcome: Search Racism, Find Truth

To combat for the refugees rejection that are living in Germany , "Refugees Welcome" a refugee organization has reacted with a campaign against hate and prejudice using these potencial tools , YouTube and Google Adwords.

This campaign is characterized by a clever use of preroll ads on youtube and a locate search in google adwords based on unskippable ads where you can find real and valuable stories about people who tells its story as a refugee. This campaign had also a microsite where you could follow all those stories.

07 July, 2016

HBO: Game of Thrones Season 3

Game of Thrones, one of the most acclaimed HBO series at the moment, to advertise the third season, several Branded Content actions were launching to reach its loyal fans. This campaign  was amazing because the used all the main elements of the serie.

The way to reach the target was using influencers and deployment platforms such as contests, interacting with users on social networks and an exclusive site made for customize the elements of the serie, being one of the most shared campaigns in the history of this series producer.

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