25 August, 2016

Pepsi: PepsiMojis

An emoji worths more than a thousand words and that's why Pepsi shows us its campaign PepsiMojis using these popular emoticons, which are the favorite ones for the youngest generations to communicate their feelings.

Using the spanish hashtag #deciloconpepsi, this campaign combines the trend of mixing digital actions with offline ones through their products with the aim of creating a new form of communication and generate brand engagement with the consumers.

17 August, 2016

Fanta: Rífatela Como Pro

There isn't better way to engage with our audience than creating brand experiences, especially if we want to capture those who are part of the technological generations, Millennials and Generation Z

Fanta took into account the importance of the brand experience and decided to launch a campaign during Halloween celebration to build a relationship with those teenagers in Mexico through the spanish concept: "Rífatela como Pro"

Using online and offline actions, references to memes, integration with Facebook, chats on social networks like twitter and Snapchat, influencers as ambassadors and an integration with mobile, display and traditional media, Fanta reached  a good position on the top of mind of the teens during the celebration.

10 August, 2016

Schweppes: Millennials

Schweppes, a tonic drinks brand, knows the importance of Millennial Generation, thats why the focus in this campaign was talking to them about about how an older audience lived before this technology era, becomming the perfect way to communicate their audience as always but also capturing the attention of this generation.

This campaign is characterized by humor and shows the differences between this generation and the older one and how new technologies have affected the world. Baby Boomers tell them how technologies have improved their lifes and the difficulties they had because of the absence of it.

Mercedes Benz: Build Your Own Mercedes Benz GLA

Currently, the evolution of the purchase habits has forced to the companies to develope new ways to attract new audiences. The closer they are to the trends of this young audiences, the most succesful campaign they could have. Concerned about approaching these audiences and provide an interactive experience that captures their attention, car brand Mercedes Benz launched its "Mercedes-Benz's GLA Car Builder" campaign, where they show how the favorite social network of youngers can become in a catalog to personalize their latest model.

With more than 25,000 followers in Instagram account and an increase in traffic to their website as well as interest in the brand, Mercedes Benz shows that approach these new consumers with creative use of networks can generate great results.

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