17 November, 2016

Nescafé 3en1: #VoyConTodo

The main challenge for any brand is to reach the top of mind of their target through a good communication strategy showing their products or services more attractive to its target, turning all that effort into a conversation with them on the Social Media.

When it comes to Millennial Generation and Generation Z there's no better way to achieve this than including two of the most popular Youtubers in Spain combined with a whole brand experience being a real guarantee of success for a Company like Nescafe 3in1, introducing its campaign called #VoyConTodo.

In order to reflect the life's philosophy of these young people who are really brave facing all the current social and economic problems, Nescafe chose the influencers Antón Lofer and Dante Caro to visit the 7 wonders of the world in 10 days sharing every moment of this adventure with more than 400,000 followers through their social networks.

Mexico, Rome, Brazil, China, Peru, Jordan and India were the countries visited and shared with Anton's and Dante's communities through their social networks profiles: Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat and Nescafé Twitter channel @Nescafé_ES.

This adventure was followed by more than 1,250,000 people through different social networks, obtaining as a result, a better market positioning as a Brand.

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