20 July, 2017

FOTOCASA: #fotoafoto

With the aim of capturing a young audience to position the brand and achieve maximum traffic coverage, Fotocasa's new campaign has as its main protagonist the photographs demonstrating the importance they have when searching for housing or putting it up for sale or rent.

An adwords campaign included in a 360º strategy, a structural segmentation of Province / city / neighborhood / street and the personalization of the messages to each type of user achieved a level of coverage and maximum presence and converted to the mobile application in leader in downloads.

13 July, 2017

Haagen Dazs: 'Everyday Made Extraordinary'

In this campaign Haagen Dazs renews its image with the aim of repositioning the brand for a young audience; accompanied by the rhythm of Pharrel Williams the ad shows a series of youngsters eating Häagen-Dazs in their own way.

The goal of the brand is to achieve a more youthful look and gain the recognition and preference of this generation.

06 July, 2017

KFC: Lunchtime is coming

For the launch of their new Ricebox "Chicken and Rice," KFC revived the popular Hodor, a character from the HBO series, "Game of Thrones" played by actor Kristian Naim.

With the hashtag #LunchTimeIsComing, KFC takes advantage of the top of mind for the upcoming release of the series' last season to remember one of the characters and one of the most emblematic scenes of the past seasons, ensuring impact to the audience of the series to communicate their message.

29 June, 2017

STAPLES: Your Substitute Teacher

Lady Gaga continues her constant crusade of kindness, this time in partnership with Staples, becoming a "substitute teacher" for a group of students at a school in Los Angeles.

The pop superstar and frequent contributor to the brand suddenly appears infront a high school group with a dual purpose: to foster a positive and accepting environment for young people and launch a fundraising campaign for its "Born This Way" and DonorsChoose.org, which helps teachers pay for classroom projects and supplies.

22 June, 2017

NETFLIX: Speak like the patron

Despite being one of the most emblematic series that has produced NETFLIX, and have an international reach hooking users from all over the world, Narcos, the series that tells the exploits of Pablo Escobar and reflects the culture of Colombia had a slight problem which gave rise to a new collaboration between brands.

During and after the first season social networks showed that users started to learn the predominant language of the serie in order to understand the arguments.

Taking advantage of this, NETFLIX and Babbel, the leading language teaching application, created a Spanish lesson inspired by the world of Narcos. Available in six languages (French, English, German, Italian, Portuguese and Swedish), people from all over the world were able to start learning Spanish.

With this more than 100,000 users undertook their first Spanish class using Babbel.

15 June, 2017

Visit Sweden: Sweden on Airbnb

Focus in promoting the country and the principle of "freedom to roam", The Swedish Tourist Office, Visit Sweden in collaboration with the popular platform of rental of spaces AIRBNB enlisted to rent the whole country.

The idea is that people do not need to book accommodation to visit Sweden, as they can freely access to any of the publicly owned land.

Through a series of specific places suggested in the advertisement, the campaign shows us the splendor of the country inviting us to know it.

The initiative to collaborate in this way with Airbnb is designed to promote Sweden as a destination through the power of the Airbnb community.

08 June, 2017

BACARDI: Break Free

The summer has arrived and Bacardi is in tune with its new campaign addressed to all those young people who want to be free.

Set in a Caribbean city and with a sticky rhythm and collaboration of DJs Major Lazer, the brand sends a message to break the routine and achieves an excellent execution by using "Boomerang" an Instagram tool to make video loops.

01 June, 2017

Coca Cola: Festival Bottle

It is already common, the most important brands like Coca-Cola are jumping into the world of music to get closer to the youngest.

That's why Coca Cola arrived in Romania, transforming the label of its bottles into bracelets that would give access to the most popular music festivals such as the Unilold Festival of Transylvania, recently named Best European Festival.

The 'Festival Bottle' managed to increase sales of the drink and place the bracelets as a fashionable item among this audience.

25 May, 2017

Alzheimer’s Research U.K: “The Day Shazam Forgot”

Memory loss is one of the most common symptoms of Alzheimer's that attacks as more than 40,000 under 65 that live with dementia in the United States.

To transmit this message to young people, the association Alzheimer's Research U.K joined forces with the Shazam music recognition app through making it suddenly begin to forget song titles to highlight the little known fact about this disease.

In only a couple of hours they managed to reach 2,018,206 users of this app calling to go to the page of donations of the association.

18 May, 2017


Dove's ads and the concept "Real Beauty" to empower women's confidence in a world full of stereotypes are a guarantee of effective messages.

Based on the fact that only 4 of every 10 girls with curls believes that their hair is pretty, their most recent campaign "Love Your Curls" shows how to change the perspective of six little protagonists who see their curly hair as a defect.

02 March, 2017

NESCAFÉ: MatchCafe

The first dates are never easy and Nescafé knows, that is why together with the agency La Despensa and taking advantage of the proximity with the 14 of February presented MatchCafé.

The search for a partner through online dating is becoming increasingly common and 1 in 3 people consider staying for coffee is the ideal form of first contact formed the insight for this campaign.

Designed for users of the Tinder app, it mixes the online and offline worlds by enabling a space in the city of Madrid where users could stay with their Tinder match and enjoy Nescafé.

The action was also deployed via the web where fans of the brand could make the reservation through the site specially designed for this campaign.

22 February, 2017

Spotify: Playlists

Accompanied by a remarkable graphical campaign, Spotify gives a spin on its users and makes them protagonists of the message by the strangest names with which they have created playlist within the platform.

Making use of the good sense of humor this campaign is rapidly becoming social in addition to having the collaboration of DNCE, Alessia Carra and D.R.A.M. Which appear in one of the three shorts developed by the platform.

16 February, 2017

Mini Cooper: Nanas MINI

The luxury car brand Mini Cooper launches this campaign with the goal of making life easier for the parents of those little ones who need to sleep.

This through an app where they will be able to choose the nana with the sound of the motor that they like, affirming that the sound that its motors produces is ideal to induce the dream of the babies.

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The best Super Bowl ads for Millennials and Generation Z

The event expected by many fans of the sport, as many of the spectacle and those who wait with emotion that the time comes out to see the best ads of American advertising gathered in a single moment, the half time of SuperBowl.

As in every edition, the most popular brands put to work all their creative machinery to present us an exceptional short and to be placed among the favorites of the spectators. Google, McDonalds, Pepsi, Coca Cola, Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai, Victoria Secrets are some of the companies that like every year accept the challenge and venture to be present at this time of the event.

The favorites have begun to be placed among the preferences of the general public and of course the Millennial and GenZ were not forgotten.

Here are the highlights for this young audience:

Nintendo Switch

The ad that Nintendo presented during the Superbowl focused on demonstrating the portable possibilities of the Nintendo Switch console and the latest release The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which is expected to be the first driver of sales of the device.


For the third consecutive year Skittles makes a Super Bowl presence with a humorous approach as it did years ago. From their message "Romance the rainbow, taste the rainbow" the multicolored candy once again give us a fun time.


AirBnb's pioneering collaborative economy application, created by and for Millennials, makes a presence in Super Bowl 51 with a message of inclusion at a time when this should be the main interest. His campaign message "The world is better when we accept" is undoubtedly one of the best we had during the event.


No one better than Justin Bieber to capture the attention of young people being a guarantee of reach and a massive share rate. This T-Mobile knows that with its spot #unlimitedmoves has positioned itself among the most watched this year's Super Bowl.

02 February, 2017

Pizza Hut: The Dangers of Selfie Sticks

This ad of Pizza Hut gives us n example of how to communicate with the youngest audiences with a funny content about the trends behaviours.

A parody about dangers of the populars Selfie Sticks and its use by Millennials and GenZ made this campaign had reach millions of views in You Tube and shares in Facebook and Twitter.

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26 January, 2017

Or Yarok: Live Kill

There's no better thing that having a youtube influencer inside a campaign to share to the youngest generations a important mesagge that go through social channels in a short time creating a million users conversations.

This was the main goal of the brand Or Yarok in Israel with its campaign "Live Kill" where trying to concientize about the danger of using the mobile while driving, create a situational message with the colaboration of Ashley Wax, a famous vlogger in the country.

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19 January, 2017

Cadillac XT5: The Instagram Test Drive

If a brand wants to publish an Instagram campaign must recurre to all their creative resources to impact the mostly young audience of this social network.

That's why to promote its latest XT5 model and show it to all who would like to try it, Cadillac has made an Instagram Test Drive in Canada where they drive in the streets of Montreal with the directions that marked users on Instagram.

The Instagram Test Drive consisted of voting the photo published in the social network using 'Likes' simulating the navigation interface of the car. Achieving a massive growth of followers and reaching a different target.

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05 January, 2017

Tourism Australia: The Giga Pixel Selfie Campaign

There's no more representative trend of the Millennial and Generation Z generations than the Selfies. Capturing moments through pictures taken with the cell phone has become a habit in any place they visit.

That's why the Australian Tourism Office presents "The Giga Pixel Selfie Campaign" which consists of take a panoramic photo selfie locating in the most popular places of the country with high definition cameras connected to a point where the visitors can pose for get a GigaSelfie to be sent to their email, calling on young people to promote Australia as a tourist destination.

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