22 June, 2017

NETFLIX: Speak like the patron

Despite being one of the most emblematic series that has produced NETFLIX, and have an international reach hooking users from all over the world, Narcos, the series that tells the exploits of Pablo Escobar and reflects the culture of Colombia had a slight problem which gave rise to a new collaboration between brands.

During and after the first season social networks showed that users started to learn the predominant language of the serie in order to understand the arguments.

Taking advantage of this, NETFLIX and Babbel, the leading language teaching application, created a Spanish lesson inspired by the world of Narcos. Available in six languages (French, English, German, Italian, Portuguese and Swedish), people from all over the world were able to start learning Spanish.

With this more than 100,000 users undertook their first Spanish class using Babbel.

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